80-Year-Old Woman Banned from YMCA Pool Over What She Saw Man Doing in Women’s Dressing Room

Radical progressives abhor Christianity. They abhor tradition. And they are attempting to subvert reality to topple the Western heritage.

Julie Jaman, an 80-year-old woman from Port Townsend, Washington, expressed her discomfort and fear when she encountered a male in the women’s shower area at the local YMCA.

The YMCA’s reaction? Jaman was permanently banned from the facility, according to the Port Townsend Free Press.

For 35 years, Jaman felt like the Mountain View pool — a city facility now operated in partnership with the Olympic Peninsula YMCA — was a safe place. Not anymore. Her world was turned upside down. And then it was shaken up.

On July 26, Jaman found herself standing naked in the presence of a male in a woman’s bathing suit. She was disturbed — to put it mildly — that a man was standing before her watching little girls take off their swimsuits.


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According to the Free Press, Jaman asked the man, a YMCA employee who goes by the name Clementine Adams, “Do you have a penis?”

“None of your business,” Adams responded.

“Get out of here right now,” Jaman ordered.

Sensing the girls were in danger, Jaman continued to demand that the man leave the area. Another YMCA employee then called the police on Jaman.

Should males be allowed in women’s locker rooms?

In a police report obtained by the Free Press, an officer with the Port Townsend Police Department said that Jaman was using the restroom and “heard a man’s voice and observed what appeared to be a man in a female bathing suit assisting a small female child.”

This “triggered” Jaman, who “had an emotional response to a strange male being in the bathroom and helping a young girl take off her bathing suit.”

Jaman later corrected the report by insisting she did not see any physical contact between Adams and the girls. What she saw was a man in a woman’s bathing suit looking at young girls undressing.

The police report also contained records of calls made by someone from the YMCA who said that “Clementine was in the bathroom with a child … and Julie asked if she had a penis and started screaming at her to get out.”

In other calls, the unidentified caller said that Jaman was “asked to leave and is refusing” and that she was “screaming at [employees] and calling names.”


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The YMCA’s aquatics manager, Rowen DeLuna, told Jaman that she had not “abided by our principles and values.”

The “principles and values” of the YMCA are the law of the land in Washington state: “All covered entities shall allow individuals the use of gender-segregated facilities, such as restrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, and homeless or emergency shelters, that are consistent with that individual’s gender expression or gender identity.”

Jaman told the Port Townsend City Council, “There is no signage informing women the shower room is now all-gender and what that means, nor have parents been informed of what they can expect with these new policies,” according to the Post Millennial.

Wendy Bart, CEO of the Olympic Peninsula YMCA, told Jaman the “pride” signs posted around the facility are adequate to let women know that men who identify as women will be using the women’s dressing room, the Free Press reported.

It is understandable that the term “all-gender” confused Jaman. But no amount of signage can adequately explain what it means because the term defies logic and therefore a coherent definition.

This incident is an example of the ongoing clash between two radically opposed value systems. These two systems are so diametrically antithetical that it is highly doubtful they can be reconciled.

On one side we have the value system characterized by Julie Jaman. This is is the realist camp. Best articulated by St. Thomas Aquinas, this worldview is based on the observation of reality, logic and reason.

In the opposing camp, we have the system characterized by Clementine Adams, Rowen DeLuna and Wendy Bart. This system — apparently the absurd can be systematic — relies on the feelings of the confused.

Reason leads toward God. Combined with faith, it is the way of peace. Confusion leads to perdition. Combined with hubris, it is the way of damnation.

Never the twain shall meet.

The C in YMCA used to stand for Christian. What does it stand for now? Cultural Marxism is my bet.

Julie Jaman is elderly, but that doesn’t make her outdated, as the cultural Marxist camp would have our children believe. Her longevity carries with it the wisdom of the tradition that came before her. She was simply trying to protect young girls from what she instinctively sensed as danger.

Sometimes wisdom resides in instinct.

The radical progressives abhor wisdom and so are attempting to cancel the human soul.

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