A Running List of the 16 Best Finds on Wayfair

Despite being cool, calm, and toootally fun at parties, we have a hard time not talking about the weird, wonderful world of Wayfair at social functions. After all, the brand has given us so many of our favorite pieces from across the design spectrum, from bold Cocaine Decor mirrors—yes, the 80s is back—to minimalist, Japandi furniture. We’re also blinded with love for the brand’s free shipping policy—sans subscription!—and the sheer vastness of its extensive product selection, which rivals Amazon’s home goods section in both price and variety, that we feel it’s our duty to evangelize the retailer and sing its praises to whomever will listen. And right now, it’s the most wonderful time of the year—the tee up to Way Day, the site’s biggest blowout sale of the year when you can pick up discounted shag rugs, walnut wood nightstands, and chic outdoor furniture for (practically) pennies.

Wayfair is, without a doubt, our favorite never-ending goodie bag of eclectic furnishings, home goods, and more, which is why we’ve erected our Way Day trees high, made a list, and checked it 69 times to make sure we don’t leave any treats off our spring charcuterie board. So, whether you’re hoping to zhuzh a sad corner into a relaxing WFH zone, or looking for some true furniture wild cards (please see: the cursed crab chair), here are some of the best finds on Wayfair, from affordable mid-century modern sofas and elegant office chairs to vibey lighting and so much more. 

Kitchen accessories for looking like a cultured, worldly person 

Very Frasurbane, indeed. Alessi is the iconic Italian brand behind some of the best designs of the 1980s and 90s, including the legendary dragon whistle kettle and other kitchen and decor pieces featuring sharp, sexy edges and nickel silver materials. Nothing says, “I’m a seasoned little coffee snob” more than licking the cinnamon off the brand’s oddly shaped demitasse spoons. 

$105 at Wayfair

The best couches under $900

Whether you’re looking for the best modular sofas or convertible sleeper couches, Wayfair is home to some of the best affordable pieces out there, from endless mid-century modern designs to… whatever this Oreo-themed couch is? The Perdue velvet couch is seriously  on sale, has a 4.5-star average rating, and more than enough blue velvet to sway even Daddy Lynch for a nap. 

$669$519.99 at Wayfair

OK Don Draper, we see you. The Bel Air sofa by Hashtag Home comes in five different colorways, but we think the tufted back looks especially snazzy with the caramel brown finish. Really makes those golden feet (!!) pop, y’know? In the words of one reviewer, “I like that it’s supportive and you don’t sink into it, but it definitely has some give. According to me, it’s the best bowl of porridge just right for this Goldilocks.”

$709.99 at Wayfair

The back and armrests lightly flare out on the Jasper couch by AllModern, giving you even more room to massage and bon voyage across its ample 86 inches of cushion. It has a 4.7-star average rating on Wayfair, and is made with the kind of rich-feeling, golden fabrics that rival the much higher-priced sofa brands on Interior Define.

$1300$890 at Wayfair

These 1970s-inspired bar stools

It’s surprisingly difficult to find a set—we repeat, a set—of great-looking bar stools for under $500. “[I’ve] yet to see a pair of counter stools that highlights the [bouclé] material, and this height-adjustable set not only provides solid back and arm support, but they look as if they rolled out of a 1970s Italian bachelor pad,” writes Mary Frances Knapp in her breakdown of the best bar chairs and stools.   

$229.99 at Wayfair

The perfect spare chair

Where do we begin with this piece? It’s the perfectly sized “everything” chair, meaning it can cater to your buns, your cat, your errant pile of clothes, and whatever else the obligatory spare chair of your home needs to handle. It has a 4.6-star average rating and over 1,200 reviews on Wayfair, where fans say it’s a great quality and easy to assemble.

$404.99 at Wayfair

Sweep all your problems under a rug

Outdoor rugs are a game changer when it comes to zhuzhing your backyard. All it takes is one geometric rug to cover up that weird crack in the concrete/questionable ground stain, such as this one by Wrought Studio. It has a 4.7-star average rating on Wayfair, and it’s currently 49% off. Just don’t stare at the design too long when you’re “micro”-dosing shroomies. 

$148$74.99 at Wayfair

Bedding that feels like being at a fancy resort

Get the look of every trendy brand that’s popped up on your For You page for a fraction of the price. Dark charcoal stripes offer an edgier alternative to the subtle linen sheets—yes, they’re worth it—that have been everywhere lately. Plus, most five-star reviews mention that the set looks identical to the photos IRL. 

$114$104.99 at Wayfair

The best dressers for feeling like a tidy boss

If Miami Vice or Palm Springs are on your design bingo card, then come collect your prize—it’s in the form of this gorgeous armoire with gold inlay and metal handles. (It’s also the perfect compliment to a bouclé chair and a bedazzled panther, but do you.) 

$432.97$379.99 at Wayfair

$432.97$379.99 at Wayfair

The best WFH office furniture 

Building out a swole WFH zone can change the whole vibe of your home and seriously help with your workflow, so put that forgotten corner of your home to use with a writing desk that has extra built-in storage. This Inbox Zero desk not only has shelving above and below the writing zone, but it doesn’t take up that much visual space with its steel and wood-finish materials.     

$159.99$127.99 at Wayfair

$159.99$127.99 at Wayfair

You know what we want in a WFH chair? All the comfort of an ergonomic gaming chair with all the rustic appeal of a supple leather lounger that’s been passed down in a single, ornery British family for generations—and that’s where this swanky swivel by Williston Forge comes in. It features an adjustable backrest, integrated lumber support, and a center tilt lever. (It’s also on sale right now!)   

$254.99$209.99 at Wayfair

$254.99$209.99 at Wayfair

We swoon for shelving and storage solutions that give you a range of shelf sizes in one bangin’ piece. This steel ladder bookcase has a 4.7-star average rating on Wayfair, and is both ample enough to fit your record player at the base and your delicate ikebana arrangements on the top.  

$87.99$79.99 at Wayfair

The best lamps for impeccable ambiance

Ah, the days when we thought lamps were just for lighting. The truth is, your lamps can carry the weight of your living room ambiance with trust features such as built-in shelving. Just imagine how good this retro, dive bar-esque catch-all shaped like a mountain would look on it.  

$111.99$63.99 at Wayfair

A clean, stylish ceiling fixture that jibes well with a ton of different styles is at the top of our spring zhuzhing checklist. If you have an ugly ceiling titty, now is the time to smash that “add to cart” button, get out the ladder, and elevate your living space. No more excuses—a new life as someone with an ~adult~ apartment begins today.

$76.05 at Wayfair

The best Wayfair wild cards

We wouldn’t dream of leaving out the *chef’s kiss* wild card range of Wayfair products, where you can find not only beauteous MCM pieces by brands including Latitude Run and Mercury Row, but unique furniture picks that will make it very clear who’s the cult leader. (It’s you.) Perhaps your living space could benefit from this tufted, gold-velvet scorpion king chair or a massive skull throne by the one and only Design Toscano

$4899$4099 at Wayfair

$5599 at Wayfair

Looking for an even bigger serotonin boost? You’re in luck—Way Day is right around the corner.

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.

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