Activists Troll City Council Meetings with Liberal Talking Points

Activists are hijacking city council meetings in their local areas to hilariously mock the progressive liberal establishment.

In one recent stunt, political commentator Mark Dice (AKA Jimmy Saville) attended a Poway, California, city council meeting disguised as a trendy liberal who adopted a black non-binary two-year-old from Zimbabwe.

Comedian/rapper Alex Stein also attended an Allen, Texas, city council meeting dressed as a Biden supporter to claim he would like Mark Zuckerberg to step in after he was sexually assaulted in the Metaverse.

Actor Cassady Campbell attended the same Allen City Council meeting giving his best Donald Trump impression to stump for the vaccines and deliver hilarious one-liners.

Get inspired by these courageous acts of civil meme activism and troll your local city council today.

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