ADL Claims Political Cartoon of Soros Controlling Radical District Attorneys ‘Antisemitic’

A political cartoon showing leftist billionaire George Soros as a puppeteer of radical criminal reform policies in inner cities has been decried as “antisemitic” by the Anti-Defamation League.

The ADL took issue with Fox News sharing the comic by political cartoonist “Branco” depicting Soros controlling radical Democrat district attorneys and attorneys general with marionette strings.

“As we have told @FoxNews numerous times, casting a Jewish individual as a puppet master who manipulates national events for malign purposes conjures up longstanding antisemitic tropes about Jewish power + contributes to the normalization of antisemitism. This needs to be removed,” the ADL tweeted on Wednesday.

However, the comic in question makes no mention or even hint about Soros being Jewish.

As a practical matter, the comic depicting Soros steering criminal reform policy through Democrat DAs and AGs is not in dispute.

Soros has donated tens of millions of dollars into the campaigns of numerous DAs and AGs across the country advocating radical decriminalization policies like eliminating bail.

The resulting elections of these far-left officials has resulted in skyrocketing crime rates, especially in the blue cities these officials were elected in.

Users on Twitter noted the reach by the ADL and responded accordingly.

Notably, Soros in 1999 actually bragged on “60 Minutes” about collaborating with the Nazis as a 14-year-old boy to seize the belongings of fellow Jews.

As they try to build a racial straw man in this case, they also ignore other obvious racial crimes because they don’t fit with their “white supremacy” narrative.

For example, the ADL tried downplaying the racially-motivated deadly terrorist attack by black nationalist Darrell E Brooks, who plowed into a crowd of people at a Christmas parade in Wisconsin last month, falsely claiming Brooks does not “subscribe to an extremist ideology.”

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