Ant and Dec disappoint fans as they share update on ITV show

Ant and Dec are undoubtedly the country’s favourite presenting duo, with the pair appearing on screen to kick off their latest show Limitless Win on ITV early this year.

The quiz show, which began in early January, sees every question give contestants the chance to move up an endless money ladder in order to bag a big cash prize.

The shows often make for tense viewing, with one couple who worked for the NHS recently walking away with a £500,000 cash prize between them .

However, fans of the show might be disappointed as Ant and Dec have revealed the upcoming show on Saturday will be its last.

Ant and Dec have shared an update on Limitless Win
Ant and Dec have shared an update on Limitless Win

Posting to their official Twitter account, Ant and Dec replied to a fan who said: “That was another superb and tense Limitless Win show, with even more fun questions too!!!! Well done to Sarah and Fiona with winning £30,000.”

In reply the presenting duo said: “Thank you. Can’t believe it’s the last one next week! D #LimitlessWin”.

Some fans seemed disappointed at the news, with one writing: “What?!?! last one already? after next episode is saturday night takeaway returning?”

Another added: “Already !! That’s flown by, but hopefully that means not too long to wait until takeaway :))”

Limitless Win is set to have viewers on the edge of their seats
Limitless Win often has viewers on the edge of their seats

Meanwhile a third said: “Last one next week????? Are you joking???!!!! Awwwwww!!!!! Me and my wife are loving limitless win. Doesn’t feel like its been on long. Hope you guys do it again.”

Another person added: “Hahaha as if it’s nearly the end of the series and I still don’t understand the rules though :(“

Limitless Win is unusual in that there’s no set cash prize and contestants can, in theory, win uncapped amounts of money on the show.

Explaining the rules of the game previously, Ant said: “The answers are all numbers, so if the answer is a large number, you can leap from £50,000 to over £250,000 in one answer. The stakes are high.”

Limitless Win contestants can win an uncapped cash prize

Dec added: “If you’ve got an answer that is ‘30’, then that’s 30 steps up the ladder, which can get you right up there. It can get very dramatic very quickly.”

When discussing how tense the show gets , Ant shared: “They still have to be brave to risk what they have in the bank to put it all on this question. We’re with the players for so long during filming, we’re really living it with them, so it’s really hard to watch. I tried to hide under the table at one point!”

Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win continues on Saturday at 8.30pm on ITV.

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