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A wave election is on the horizon and the only question is just how strong of a wave it will be. Will it be a traditional kind of victory for Republicans as the minority party typically picks up seats in midterm elections? Or will it be a red tsunami brought about because of deep disapproval of the Biden administration? Either outcome will result in Republicans taking back control of the House and very well may flip the Senate, too. The White House is girding its loins in preparation of the consequences GOP victories will bring.

A top concern for the White House is the new investigations that will be opened up. Republican leadership has already announced that when Republicans are back in charge, Biden and his administration will be under fresh oversight scrutiny not seen to date. And, look for lots of questions being asked about the shady dealings of Biden, Inc. Democrats try to sweep ethical and legal questions about the dealings of Biden’s problem man-child, Hunter, by saying he’s a private citizen, not an elected official. That’s true but that excuse is slowly falling by the wayside as it becomes clear that Joe Biden is in the middle of his son’s sketchy financial deals, especially with foreign governments. That is important now, given Joe is president and dealing with foreign leaders.

So, what’s a nervous White House to do? This White House is bringing back an experienced presidential advisor and message masseuse. Anita Dunn is returning to help Sleepy Joe manage the upcoming electoral disaster that awaits Democrats. Dunn is the ultimate Washington insider. She is currently a senior adviser at the consulting firm SKDK – the ‘D’ is for Dunn. She agreed to work with Biden as he entered the White House as an advisor and then returned to SKDK. She’s an alum of the Obama-Biden administration.

Dunn has been a fixture in Democratic politics for decades and is a longtime associate of Biden’s. Over the years, she rose from an internship in the White House of President Jimmy Carter to a role as senior adviser to presidential candidates and senators. She joined President Barack Obama’s orbit before he launched his presidential campaign and served a brief stint as White House communications director during his first term.

Perhaps you remember the stories about Dunn’s admiration of Mao.

After she left the Biden administration to return to private life last August, she quietly came back to the White House as a fill-in for deputy chief of staff Jen O’Malley Dillon when Dillon’s father passed away in March. Instead of just having one of O’Malley Dillon’s subordinates do the job, Dunn was brought in. That caused some upheaval of personnel in that office because Dunn brought her own assistant. Due to the temporary nature of Dunn’s return, she was classified as a Special Government Employee (SGE). That means she wasn’t under the same federal guidelines for financial disclosure, for example, and her appearance back into the White House inner circle raised ethical questions. Joe Biden pledged to run the most ethical and transparent administration ever and that’s turned out to be just a whopper of a lie.

Dunn is returning on a full-time basis. There will also be a change in the White House Counsel’s office.

Changes are also expected inside the White House Counsel’s Office. Ian Sams, who currently works at the Department of Health and Human Services, is going to join in a communications position. He previously served as a spokesperson for Vice President Kamala Harris’ 2020 presidential campaign, where he developed a reputation for being outspoken and at times for having a combative style, traits that could be useful while facing aggressive inquiries from Republicans.

“If Republicans take one or more Houses of Congress, this is going to be a full-time job that has the potential to suck a lot of the oxygen out of the room,” the person said. “There is a recognition from both the White House counsel’s office and also the communication’s office that oversight is going to be a major focus of Republican efforts which is going to in turn create a lot of media attention around these issues.”

So, the Biden administration is putting a couple of Democrat pitbulls in key positions for communication and the Counsel’s office. Sounds like the White House is pretty nervous about what may be exposed in oversight investigations. A great exodus is already underway from personnel in Kamala’s office. Look for more of that coming out of the White House, too, when Republicans come back into power in Congress.

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