Bill Gates Admits School Shutdowns During Pandemic Was Complete Disaster

Bill Gates candidly admitted that children were at low risk from COVID-19 despite the media and government hysteria, and that prolonged school shutdowns created a deep “learning deficit” that will take years to recover from.

Gates, a vocal advocate of the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, made the admission during a conference with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria promoting his book “How To Prevent The Next Pandemic” at the 92nd Street Y in New York City last week.

“If all we would’ve had to do was, say, a 45-day lockdown, I think we would’ve gotten pretty good compliance. It’s as the lockdown starts extending out – and the lockdown hasn’t brought the cases to zero – so the counterfactual is ‘okay, how much worse would it have been if we hadn’t had this lockdown’ is unclear,” Gates explained.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty about school shutdowns. To this day, there are still arguments about how many cases that avoided,” he continued. “It’s pretty clear because young people don’t get sick from the disease very often, that we probably, if we knew everything that we know today, we would have shut schools a lot less than we did during this pandemic.”

Gates went on to say that most children are now suffering a “two year” learning deficit, while students at privileged private schools – like his own children – hardly experienced a lapse of learning at all.

“K-12, we have a learning deficit that will take us a long time to erase that, and sadly, it’s a deficit where the inner city is where it’s almost two years. Suburban schools less, private schools – in some cases like my kids – almost no deficit at all,” Gates confessed.

How fortunate for Gates that his children were spared the crippling learning deficit from lockdowns he advocated for the rest of the country.

The Microsoft co-founder recently warned that an “even more fatal variant” of COVID-19 is coming, which is why he created a United Nation-backed supreme medical agency called the GERM team he claims will attempt to “stop the next pandemic.”

Watch the full conference:

Bill Gates’ GERM Team Lays Out Gameplan for Global Corporate Medical Tyranny Takeover

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