Bill Gates Assembles UN-Run GERM Team to Stop Next Pandemic

Globalist vaccine-pusher Bill Gates has unveiled his GERM team, a supreme medical agency he claims will work with the UN-run World Health Organization to detect outbreaks and prevent pandemics.

Outlining the Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization team in a recent video, Gates described how epidemiologists would identify outbreaks and notify WHO “disease experts,” who would then contact government authorities and recommend best courses of action.

“Governments and pharmaceutical companies will work together, fuse factories all over the world to get unprecedented scale of diagnostics and vaccines very quickly,” Gates explains, ignorant of the massive ineffectiveness of the Covid vaccines that failed to stop transmission, or prevent illness.

“And we’ll have policy experts making sure that every country has the right approach,” Gates added in a YouTube video.

“This team would keep their skills fresh, helping get rid of polio, get rid of malaria, get rid of measles and other infectious diseases,” Gates described, evidently ignoring the polio outbreak in India that was blamed on faulty Gates polio vaccines.

Gates shilled his GERM Team in a TED Talk last month, selling it as one of the only ways to stop another Covid-like global pandemic.

In other words, Gates is unveiling a digital medical tyranny run by a global body of unelected medical “experts” and bureaucrats who will tell you when you’re sick, and force you take the vaccines they prescribe.

Of course, Gates and his foundation were hugely instrumental in the recent vaccine response to the pandemic, and had prepared for it by conducting exercises like “Event 201,” which simulated an “uncontrolled coronavirus outbreak” nearly two years before the Covid crisis.

Event 201’s message was that outbreaks should be handled by a combination of global governments, medical authorities and businesses who come together to develop vaccines and other therapeutics.

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