Celeb-loved NuFace devices promise a ‘5 minute facelift’ – we tried one

Big names like Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson reportedly love the NuFace Trinity device, which is famed for its lifting and sculpting benefits.

The smaller NuFace Mini, £120 here, uses the same microcurrent technology as its older sister to tone your face, just with a much smaller price tag, so it’s a great option if you can’t quite justify more than three hundred pounds on a new beauty gadget.

The main differences are that the Mini is smaller and isn’t compatible with the separate lip and eye area attachment that can be used on the Trinity. But both devices promise to lift and contour, with results that are both instant and that build over time.

So can it really give you a “five-minute facelift” as it promises? Beauty writer Lucy put its lifting and sculpting powers to the test.

NuFace Mini
The NuFace Mini promises to lift and sculpt for a “five minute facelift” effect

Lucy says…

Now that I’m well past the age of 25, I’m all too aware that my collagen levels are starting to venture south. So any device that promises an “instant facelift” effect is well worth a go in my book.

I’ve heard great things about the NuFace devices (and their celebrity fans) over the years and know other beauty editors who use them religiously, so I was excited to give it a whirl.

Inside the box is a tube of the Hydrating Gel Primer, which is needed to improve your skin’s conductivity for those famed microcurrent benefits. When you need a top-up it’s easy to purchase another for £13.50 here.

NuFace Mini
The NuFace Mini is easy to use, gliding over the skin after applying the accompanying primer

After slathering on a mask-like layer of said primer to my clean face per the instructions, I dialled the device up the highest of the three intensity settings and got to work section by section.

It’s super easy to glide the device over your gelled-up skin, working in an upwards direction, but what I love most about it is that you barely feel it working while you use it, if at all.

All that’s left to do once your five minutes are up is massage in any remaining primer, sit back and admire the results – and even my boyfriend could see the visible difference afterwards. That is saying something.

Lucy Abbersteen
Lucy’s face before, left, and after using the NuFace Mini, right

Not only could I see the results, but my skin actually felt tighter after just one session, too. I’ll definitely be trying to get my five (minutes of microcurrent) a day from here on out.

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