CNN Admits Military-Industrial Complex Profiting From Ukraine War: ‘War Is Good Business’

A CNN segment diverging from its typical programming provided a glimpse into an aspect of the Ukraine war seldomly covered by mainstream networks.

Titled, “How US Weapons Makers Profit in Ukraine,” the brief report discussed the rising stocks of American weapons manufacturers.

CNN reported that as the Russian invasion of Ukraine began in late February, “The stock prices of the biggest US weapons manufacturers spiked, many eventually climbing to their highest point in years.”

A Brookings Institution Senior Fellow appearing as a CNN guest admitted, “War is good business for parts of the economy historically. It doesn’t mean the defense contractors cynically want it.”

The CEO of weapons supplier Raytheon told CNN, “We don’t apologize for making these weapons,” adding, “We will see a benefit in the company over the next few years.”

As CNN reported last week, the US doesn’t even know what happens to the weapons it sends Ukraine once they enter the warzone.

“We have fidelity for a short time, but when it enters the fog of war, we have almost zero,” a source briefed on US intelligence told the outlet. “It drops into a big black hole, and you have almost no sense of it at all after a short period of time.”

However, the Biden administration announced a plan on Thursday to provide an additional $33 billion in funding to Ukraine with $20 billion directed toward “military aid.”

United States Marine Corps Major General and two-time Medal of Honor recipient Smedley Butler accurately exposed the Military-Industrial Complex in his legendary 1935 book titled, “War Is A Racket.”

However, nearly 100 years later, the world has yet to wake up to the scam.

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