Coronation Street spoiler: Jealous Max floors Daniel and Summer with a wild accusation

Soap life would be so much easier if everyone fell for the people who’ve fallen for them! But that’s rarely the case, and this week in Corrie, just such a situation causes no end of trouble. Daniel lost his heart to Daisy, while Summer pines for the handsome widowed dad. Meanwhile young Max has the hots for Summer, though he doesn’t stand a chance with her.

And matters come to a head in the week that the school celebrates with an Ice Ball. While Daniel and Summer prepare for eagerly anticipated event, Max keeps his eye on them. But is he misreading their interaction?

Finding a love poem that Daniel’s written down for Summer – to help her with her English work – he assumes it’s a declaration of love. And after downing vodka at the ball, Max accuses Daniel of having an inappropriate relationship with Summer. She says she’ll handle the situation, but manages to belittle Max, who’s furious and snaps…

Summer doesn't hold back when she tackles Max
Summer doesn’t hold back when she tackles Max

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At school there are tricky meetings for the three of them, but Summer insists nothing untoward has happened. However, what she tells Paul raises his suspicions. Later Summer is furious with Paul for going to the police, but admits her crush to Daisy. Meanwhile, an unrepentant Max prompts the deputy head to warn David that the lad could be expelled.

Elsewhere, Fiz isn’t impressed when Phill’s mum Mimi takes over the organisation of his party, and having doubts about her man, she drowns her sorrows at the Christmas Market. At the party Tyrone has words with Mimi about her behaviour, claiming Phill is lucky to have Fiz. Will his act of chivalry lead Fiz to reconsider her feelings for Ty?

Tyrone has some harsh words for Mimi
Tyrone has some harsh words for Mimi

Amy gets a pleasant surprise regarding her predicted grades and looks to the future, but when she mentions university, Steve admits he’s promised his money to Emma for the wedding. Will his step-daughter have to park her ambitions because of Steve’s grand gesture for the daughter he didn’t even know was his for most of her life?

Amy's ambitions take a battering when Steve admits he has plans for his money
Amy’s ambitions take a battering when Steve admits he has plans for his money

Yasmeen faces questioning over the Speed Daal blaze
Yasmeen faces questioning over the Speed Daal blaze

Meanwhile, as Yasmeen is interviewed by the police, Hashim turns up and threatens Alya and Zeedan, only to then clutch his chest and collapse…

Over at the Baileys’ house, Michael is left reeling when his parents announce that Grace doesn’t want their daughter. But he can’t help wondering if there’s information Aggie is holding back.

Michael is suspicious about Aggie's explanation
Michael is suspicious about Aggie’s explanation

Emma's worried but Steve's touched by Curtis's fundraising idea
Emma’s worried but Steve’s touched by Curtis’s fundraising idea

And Emma is worried when Curtis says he’s going to do the Three Peaks Challenge for Oliver’s charity. But is this just another of the fantasist’s tall tales? The question is, when will Emma get wise to her lover’s twisted plot and learn the whole truth about his condition?

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