Daily Horoscope: January 17, 2022

The moon in Cancer connects with Neptune in Pisces at 5:19 AM, inspiring creativity. Intense emotions might arise as the moon opposes power planet Pluto in Capricorn at 4:08 PM. The full moon in Cancer takes place at 6:48 PM, making it a powerful time to let the past go. The moon enters courageous fire sign Leo at 11:03 PM, inspiring an atmosphere of warmth and creativity.

All times ET.


A situation that’s been brewing concerning your home, living situation, family, or personal life may come to a culmination today thanks to the full moon in Cancer. Make time to care for yourself!


Information may be revealed or an important conversation could take place during today’s full moon in Cancer. It can be a busy time for communication, so make time to connect with your intuition, too.


Today’s full moon in Cancer can bring a climax to a situation that’s been building concerning money, your belongings, or sense of security. Make time to reflect on your material needs and goals.


There is a full moon in your sign today, Cancer, which may stir up deep emotions! A climax could be taking place in your partnerships. It’s a powerful time for release.


Vivid dreams or intuitive hunches could come your way thanks to today’s full moon in Cancer. The energy of this full moon may find you wanting to catch up rest and quality time alone.


A situation concerning your social circle or one of the communities you belong comes to a climax thanks to today’s full moon in Cancer. Make time to reflect on your wishes and goals…one may be coming into fruition at this time!


Reward or recognition may be coming your way thanks to today’s full moon in Cancer. It’s a powerful time to stand in the spotlight!


Today’s full moon in fellow water sign Cancer may find a conversation reaching an important conclusion. Information could be revealed and you might change your mind about something. It’s a powerful time to express yourself.


Today’s full moon in Cancer may find you settling a debt. Emotionally, you could be feeling like you don’t want you to owe anything to anyone, or vice versa.


An important culmination may be taking place in your relationships at this time thanks to the full moon in Cancer. Big emotions can surface.


A project you’ve been working on may finally be completed or a change in your schedule could be taking place. While it’s a very busy time, make sure to care for yourself during this full moon in Cancer.


Today's full moon in Cancer is exciting for you, dear Pisces! The mood is especially passionate. A situation with a crush may come to a climax, or you may be falling even deeper in love. An important release or letting go can take place today, as well. Your creativity is strong.

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