Daily Horoscope: January 3, 2022

Don’t fill uncertainty with projection as the new moon connects with Neptune, the planet of projection, at 2:51 AM. Tough or taboo feelings are given form as the moon meets retrograde Venus at 4:58 AM. Secrets are understood as the moon meets power planet Pluto at 1:20 PM. Critical thinking skills are engaged as the moon enters intellectual air sign Aquarius at 5:43 PM, where it meets cerebral Mercury at 9:36 PM.

All times ET.


You’re thinking about how you come across to others in a new way as the new moon meets with retrograde Venus. Keep your chin high and confidence strong! Magnetism and empowerment are fostered as the moon meets Pluto. You’re excited to talk about your ideas for the future tonight with the moon in Aquarius.


You’re finding grounding with the moon in fellow earth sign Capricorn. You are able to bring some unconventional beauty to life as the moon meets with retrograde Venus, helping you make something special. You’re being called by the masses as the moon enters your fame sector tonight. You might post something good!


Trust and intimacy are required with the moon in your house of shared resources. You’re considering what makes other people feel comfortable and desired as the moon meets with Venus. You’re ready to move up and out into the new year when the moon changes signs tonight, making it easier to share your ideas and think critically.


You’re connecting with your other half as the moon moves through your partnerships sector. You’re having conversations about what you want out of relationships and discussing past dynamics as the moon meets with Venus. Intimacy, trust, and financial technicalities come up with the moon in Aquarius tonight. Tough conversations are approachable.


You have a strong, sobering start to the new year with the moon in your chart’s house of health and routine. The moon enters your partnership sector this evening, bringing your attention to your relationships. Conversations about needs and shared spaces flow as the moon meets messenger Mercury, generating mutual understanding.


You’re still indulging in holiday pleasures as the moon moves through fellow earth sign Capricorn. You are remembering past love affairs, or even some power struggles, as the moon meets with retrograde Venus and Pluto, the planet of taboo. You’re getting back into the groove tonight as the moon meets your planetary ruler Mercury in your chart’s house of routine: new year, new to-do list!


You’re still hiding out with the moon in a private, domestic sector of your chart. You can be remembering past relationships, even from childhood, as the moon meets with your retrograde planetary ruler Venus. Creativity, sensuality, and laughter come when the moon enters fellow air sign Aquarius, bringing your attention to things that are enjoyable and intellectually stimulating.


You’re absorbing information like a sponge with the moon in your chart’s house of communication. You can be paying a little too close attention to subtext and shadows as the moon meets with power planet Pluto. You’re ready to go into your secret hiding place tonight when the moon enters a sector of your chart related to rest, home, and family.


You’re focused on the material, which can be indulgent, as the moon moves through your chart’s house of personal resources, meeting retrograde Venus. Maybe the thing you wanted comes out in an unusual or unexpected way! You’re ready to read, go for walks, flirt with a neighbor, and learn something useful as the moon moves into intellectual air sign Aquarius.


The new moon continues through your sign: You’re turning over a new leaf! This new moon brings a new relationship to yourself, your beliefs, and your ability to persevere as the moon connects with Neptune, Venus, and Pluto. You are learning how to appreciate your beauty in new, unexpected ways, as you reflect on beauty standards and self-worth.


You’re still in a quiet place with the new moon in a secluded sector of your chart. If you weren’t alone on the turn of the year, you were at least doing something that felt like a chore or obligation. With the moon entering your sign and meeting Mercury, you’re back in the driver’s seat, ready to make your ideas a reality!


You’re getting inspiration for your future as the new moon connects with dreamy Neptune. You might have a new understanding of your values and what their shadows look like as the moon meets retrograde Venus and Pluto. Some solitude, meditation, and quiet reflection is helpful as the moon moves through a quiet and peaceful sector of your chart later tonight.

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