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The Biden border crisis has produced the death of a law enforcement agent working in support of Operation Lone Star. Criminal Investigations Division (CID) Special Agent Anthony Salas was involved in “an unfortunate car crash” during the arrest of six illegal migrants on Friday. He died Saturday from his injuries.

The Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association posted the sad news on its Facebook page. Salas was thirty-seven years old, served in the U.S. Marine Corps, and was a Trooper with the Texas Highway Patrol before his promotion to CID Special Agent. Salas was transported by local emergency workers to Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center. He was airlifted to a San Antonio hospital where he died, surrounded by family.

Prayers for the Salas family.
It comes with a heavy heart that the Department reports the tragic death of Criminal Investigations Division (CID) Special Agent Anthony Salas. On the evening of Friday, 01/21/2022, Special Agent Salas was supporting Operation Lone Star as a Special Operations Group (SOG) Operator in partnership with the U.S. Border Patrol in Maverick County near Eagle Pass. While honorably performing his duties, Special Agent Salas was involved in an unfortunate traffic crash during the arrest of six Undocumented Aliens (UDAs). Federal and State law enforcement officers at the scene immediately began CPR before transporting Special Agent Salas to the hospital in Eagle Pass, where he was airlifted to University Hospital in San Antonio. At approximately 11:30 AM today, Special Agent Salas succumbed to his injuries with his family by his side. Special Agent Salas, 37, joined the Department in 2013 and was stationed in El Paso. He was a Trooper with the Texas Highway Patrol before promoting to CID Special Agent. Special Agent Salas served in the United States Marine Corps before joining DPS. The U.S. Border Patrol Agent with Special Agent Salas is receiving assistance from peer support. The six UDAs were treated for non-life-threatening injuries and turned over to the Border Patrol. Please keep the Salas family in your thoughts and prayers

The six illegal migrants he arrested were treated for non life-threatening injuries and released to Border Patrol.

Salas was part of a Special Operations Group working jointly with the US Border Patrol BORTAC near Eagle Pass on Friday. Specific details of what happened have not been released. Governor Abbott released a statement.

“I am saddened to hear that DPS Special Agent Anthony Salas was killed in a horrific vehicle accident in the line of duty in Eagle Pass. This tragedy is a somber reminder of the selfless sacrifices our law enforcement make as they work to keep us safe. I ask Texans to join Cecilia and me in praying for Agent Salas’ family as they grieve this unimaginable loss.”

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick issued a statement, too.

“Please join Jan and me in prayer for Special Agent Anthony Salas and his family, after he was killed in an accident while working on the border. Texans know that our law enforcement officers deal with ever-present danger, every single day, to keep Texas communities safe. This is a somber reminder of that fact.

“President Biden’s open border policy and refusal to even admit there is a crisis on the border puts law enforcement lives at risk every day.”

As of this morning as I write this, there is no tweet from Joe Biden on the death of Special Agent Salas. That’s not surprising, given he would have to admit that there is a crisis on the border. His incompetence and spite aimed at the former president have produced this crisis and he is unable to acknowledge that. Now Special Agent Salas is dead. Operation Lone Star began because of the Biden administration’s refusal to secure the southern border. Governor Abbott put the operation in place.

This accident happened in Eagle Pass which has seen a surge of illegal migrants this week. On Wednesday, about 400 migrants crossed the Rio Grande River into Eagle Pass. Some turned themselves in to Border Patrol while some ran to escape apprehension. It is clear to law enforcement officials that this is a coordinated effort.

“As a winter storm moves into the area, Eagle Pass agents arrest another group of 400. 400 people don’t just coincidentally decide to cross together. These are large-scale events orchestrated by criminal elements for $$,” the Border Patrol’s Del Rio Sector Chief Jason Owens wrote in an Instagram post on Thursday morning.

Imagine living in the small town of Eagle Pass and seeing large groups of illegal migrants running through your neighborhood to escape from the authorities.

“They’ve become so common that we’re actually getting a little complacent with it,” Garza said. “Here inside the city, we’ll get phone calls saying, ‘Hey, we saw two or three run through a yard.’ … Our guys are constantly responding to calls for possible undocumented persons.”

“From our front door of the station, you can see Mexico. We can look outside here sometimes, and we see them running across,” said Garza. “Our guys got a group the other day of 200.”

Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber said, “It’s out of control and unbelievable.” Maverick County has joined others in signing an agreement with the state to begin prosecuting all adult males who trespass onto private property after illegally crossing into the U.S. The state and Texas law enforcement are doing what the federal government refuses to do – work to secure the southern border and protect Texans and their property.

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