Emily Andre shares advice for breastfeeding mums: ‘Don’t struggle through if you’re unhappy’

Emily Andrea has called out to mothers to not put pressure on yourself to breastfeeding and there are “really clever ways” to get help if you do wish to continue.

Writing in her weekly OK! column, NHS doctor Emily reveals that she spoke to breastfeeding counsellor when she had Theo, and it was a “game changer” for her. Here, she also discusses her views on PM Boris Johnson breaking Covid rules, and how the family celebrated her daughter Millie’s 8th birthday with a trip to a trampoline park. Sign up – for free! – to see what she has to say.

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Millie’s Breastfeeding Struggle

Millie Mackintosh has spoken about her struggles with breastfeeding her two-month-old daughter Aurelia, so I wanted to
give some advice to anybody else in her position.

Please don’t put pressure on yourself to breastfeed. There’s no point struggling if it makes you unhappy.

Millie Mackintosh has been open about her struggles - including asking her husband to suck out breastfeeding blockage
Millie Mackintosh has been open about her struggles – including asking her husband to suck out breastfeeding blockage


There are various different ways you can get help with breastfeeding if you do wish to continue – and really clever ways, too. There are apps and you can even ask your home hub!

There are also breastfeeding counsellors, which I didn’t even know about until I had Theo. They work privately and for the NHS.

It was a game changer for me to be able to speak to somebody who knew what I was going through and was so sympathetic. My counsellor was so calm and had some great tips about different positions to try.

It was great to have that support. You can also speak to your health visitor, GP or midwife too.

Good luck, Millie!

Our Girl’s 8th Birthday Celebrations

It’s been a busy week as Millie celebrated her birthday. I can’t believe she’s eight already! I still feel quite young so I can’t quite wrap my head around her being eight and Theo being five – I don’t know where that time has gone.

She was at school on her birthday but we had her party at AirHop Trampoline Park and she had such a good time. She loves it there and has been telling me for months that she wanted her party there.

Emily admits she was "knackered just watching" her daughter at her trampoline party
Emily admits she was “knackered just watching” her daughter at her trampoline party

I’ve been getting such an amazing response since my book, Growing Up For Girls, was released. It’s doing really well. The fact that people have bought it is just so amazing and I feel so grateful. I’m just so happy to have written a book! I’ve had some lovely messages from people with photos of their children reading it, which has been so nice.

I also appeared on Loose Women to talk about it. I really like going on there because they’re just so nice and friendly and they make you feel totally at ease.

Emily enjoyed appearing on Loose Women for her book launch
Emily enjoyed appearing on Loose Women for her book launch

We have Covid in our house again as Princess has tested positive, but luckily she’s feeling pretty well. The rest of us are negative but because we’ve been testing every day, my nostrils are feeling a bit bashed about.

This is the first time we’ve had somebody in the house with it since the rules changed around vaccinated people not having to self-isolate. As a family, we’ve had to isolate three times so it’s great not having to worry about how we’ll get shopping this time!

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

I saw Boris Johnson’s apology in the House of Commons about the gathering at 10 Downing Street during May 2020 and how he explained it’s an extension of his office. It might be an office but it’s also his home address!

Emily thinks that Boris absolutely needed to apologise for the lockdown party
Emily thinks that Boris absolutely needed to apologise for the lockdown party

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I think people deserved the apology he gave and his acknowledgment of the wrongdoing. People are rightly frustrated because they feel like it’s been one rule for the politicians and another for everybody else. 2020 particularly was a really tough time for so many and there’s a lot of resentment.

I think we’ve all broken a rule at some point whether we meant to or not. For example, I’ve had times where I’ve sat down on a train and realised I didn’t have a mask on so I quickly put it on.

Covid has brought big changes to the way we live, but if you make the mistake of breaking a rule, you just have to apologise.

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