Everything you need to know about the The Masked Singer costumes including rumoured £10m budget

The Masked Singer premiered on New Year’s Day (Saturday, 1 January) on ITV with its third series and it’s safe to say viewers are hooked already.

The competition show smashed viewing targets and racked up a whopping 6.6 million viewers on the first episode.

The hit show introduced a line-up of 12 new celebrities hidden under costumes which included Chandelier, Bagpipes, Lionfish, Doughnuts, Traffic Cone, Panda, Rockhopper, Mushroom, Firework, Poodle, Snow Leopard and Robobunny. Returning to the judging panel is Davina McCall, Jonathan Ross, Rita Ora and Mo Gilligan.

The costumes really are getting better year after year, here’s everything you need to know from the rumoured budget to how many hours it takes per costume…

The Masked Singer is back for a third season
The Masked Singer is back for a third season

Who designs the costumes?

Tim Simpson, managing director of Brighton-based Plunge Creations is the genius behind the creative costumes on The Masked Singer who created the likes of Biker Badger and Queen Bee.

The costumes as you can imagine take hours of hard work and graft to make, a team of three people are assigned to each costume and can take up to 200 hours to finish.

Gloria Hunniford, who was the second unmasked singer dressed as Snow Leopard, praised the team, saying: “I think that the costume makers are utterly sensational.”

The celebrities have little say in what costume they wear on The Masked Singer
The celebrities have little say in what costume they wear on The Masked Singer

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Costume clues

The designers don’t always find out the celebrity they are designing for, they are sometimes only told enough information to interpret clues into the outfit.

The team have been known to add features to throw viewers off when designing the looks. It’s also been noted that celebrities don’t usually have much say over the aesthetic features of their particular costume and it’s all down to the creative team.

Heather Small, who sadly got voted off the first week disguised as the Chandelier, explained she has no idea who any of the other contestants are, saying the costumes hide your height and gender and the ship on top of her head was to symbolise her initials ‘HMS’.

So how much do they cost?

Tim Simpson has never actually revealed the official cost but when asked if the rumoured budget of £10million was true, he denied but explained they are the cost of a classy wedding dress.

The Masked Singer costumes are rumoured to cost 10 million
The Masked Singer costumes are rumoured to cost £10million

Are the costumes easy to perform in?

We’ve always been curious at how the performers can move and hit such high notes in such large, claustrophobic costumes and it turns out that in the first season they did come across problems with the comfort, but have learned from their mistakes since. They now put an emphasis on making the performers more comfortable.

Tim explained to The Daily Star: “I think in the first series we nearly broke a couple of the performers who suffered particularly harsh treatment! Halfway through the run we had to build a support system for the Octopus outfi.

“As we have gone along, we try to make it more comfortable and easier to wear because it makes [for] a better performance.”

Heather Small explained: “It was difficult to move around in, I have signature moves and I didn’t want to be able to do those signature moves in the interpretation of Chandelier, it’s one thing disguising your voice but you can’t always disguise your body language.”

Loose Women star Gloria Hunniford was unveiled as Snow Leopard on Sunday's episode of The Masked Singer UK
Loose Women star Gloria Hunniford was unveiled as Snow Leopard on Sunday’s episode of The Masked Singer UK

While Gloria admitted her costume was quite hot and heavy because her trousers are fur-lined.

Head of costume Tim also admitted that Robo Bunny was his favourite as his son Ted had a helping hand, we sure know who he’s rooting for…

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