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As anyone who’s set foot in our sex playpen living room can attest, we’re horny here at Rec Room. Not only are we obsessed with all the multi-tasking vibrators, partners, harnesses, and toys in our BDSM sex dungeons, but we’re obsessed with over-sharing them with you, our dearest readers. 

Now, so is Netflix. The streaming platform just released How To Build a Sex Room, a reality show in which host Melanie Rose helps average, horny shmoes build out everything from “a secret rock ‘n’ roll dungeon to a next-level [sex] spa [through a series of] erotic renovations” in their homes. We can think of no better way to wash down The Great British Baking Show, than by watching Lester and Soriya (and their seven other partners) get the smash zone of their dreams. 

We’re down for any program that wants to destigmatize sexual creativity and openess, and How To Build a Sex Room is painting a vivid picture of what the fruits of those labors can look like. It’s creative. It’s horny. It’s inspirational—and aspirational—which is why the sexual wellness platform Lovehoney has also ridden the feathered coattails of the show, and launched a new section of the site dedicated to building one’s very own sex room—down to every last riding crop and paddle.

The site’s new section is also called How to Build a Sex Room, and breaks down the anatomy of a sex room into four different categories: Bondage, Sex Toys, Lingerie, and Essentials. As you peruse the page, you’ll be guided through a tantalizing array of restraints, sex swings, and all the other kinky items you may have never known you needed, such as no-drill sex swings, Liberator Wedges, and entire bondage kits. 

$84.99 at Lovehoney

$24.99 at Lovehoney

$124.99 at Lovehoney

$79.99 at Lovehoney

We’d expect nothing less from the retailer that showed us our first textured cock ring—and we’ll definitely be adding a few items from the section into our own playroom. (Dibs on this bouncy sex chair.)

Learn more about how to build a sex room on Lovehoney

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