Gas Climbs Over $6 Per Gallon in Los Angeles

Fuel customers in California were in for a shock this week as gas prices at the pump hit upwards of $6 in downtown Los Angeles.

In a report by Bakersfield ABC affiliate KERO-TV, gas station customers expressed being overwhelmed by the extremely high gas prices.

“They’re too damn high,” one customer told reporters, adding it’s made commuting much more difficult as she normally fills her tank three times a week.

Another customer remarked he’s paying over $110 to fill up his 25-gallon tank, with yet another customer saying his 30-gallon tank would cost $150 to fill up.

In addition to high demand, the expensive fuel cost is directly correlated to the price of crude oil hitting $99 a barrel as fears increase the Biden administration could imminently get militarily involved in the Russia-Ukraine debacle.

Meanwhile, the American people are stuck bent over a barrel.

False Flag: Biden’s Only Option

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