GMB’s Sean Fletcher pays tribute to Jamal Edwards after attending moving vigil

Sean Fletcher gave a moving tribute to Jamal Edwards on Good Morning Britain after attending a vigil in London.

Jamal, the son of Loose Women’s Brenda Edwards, was just 31 when he tragically died on Sunday morning from a sudden illness.

On Monday 21 February, Sean, 47, attended a vigil in his local neighbourhood to remember the late founder of SBTV.

In Tuesday’s episode of the show, Susanna Reid asked her co-star about the moving tribute to Jamal.

The 51 year old said: “I know they addressed it very movingly on Loose Women yesterday, as of course his mum Brenda is part of the Loose Women team, but Sean you were at the vigil last night.”

GMB’s Sean Fletcher pays tribute to Jamal Edwards after attending moving vigil
Sean Fletcher has paid tribute to Jamal Edwards after attending his memorial

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Sean replied: “I went to the vigil last night, as you can see there were hundreds of people, it was outside a mural of him, his face, which he sadly unveiled two months ago and now that has become a memorial so people gathered there and there it is.”

Hundreds of people gathered to mourn Jamal in the streets, Sean added, and even “stopped traffic at times.”

The presenter continued: “It shows how much of an impact he had on the UK music industry but also on our local community, that’s Acton in West London.”

GMB’s Sean Fletcher pays tribute to Jamal Edwards after attending moving vigil
Hundreds of people turned out to remember Jamal in Acton, West London

Susanna’s co-host Richard Madeley, 65, added: “You were working him on a project as well weren’t you?”

Sean responded: “Well yes, we were talking about protecting our community, but I was reminded of a tweet he put out in 2012 about how it’s important to create something beyond your life and how chillingly relevant that is now.”

Susanna and Sean agreed that Jamal was a “hugely influential figure” both in his community and in the UK music industry.

GMB’s Sean Fletcher pays tribute to Jamal Edwards after attending moving vigil
The crowds gathered in front of a mural of Jamal Edwards that has become a memorial since his death

Jamal’s mother, ITV presenter Brenda, confirmed his death in a statement issued on Loose Women’s social media accounts on Monday.

In the statement, Brenda wrote: “It is with the deepest heartache that I confirm my beautiful son Jamal Edwards passed away yesterday morning after a sudden illness. Myself, his sister Tanisha and the rest of his family and friends are completely devastated. He was the centre of our world.”

On Loose Women, Charlene White and Judi Love broke down in tears as they paid tribute to make the passing of their co-star’s and close friend’s son.

Choking back tears, Charlene said: “Our Brenda’s son Jamal Edwards tragically passed away from a short illness.”

“Any of you who regularly watch this show know that the love that Brenda had for both Jamal and daughter Tanisha was massive. Her heart was full of so much love for those children.”

GMB’s Sean Fletcher pays tribute to Jamal Edwards after attending moving vigil
Judi Love broke down on Loose Women in grief for her co-star and friend Brenda

“So you know just how shocked Brenda is and just how hard it’s hit all of us who knew him and, of course, all of us who love Brenda.”

Judi and Charlene explained how they rushed to see Brenda on Sunday evening after they heard the devastating news.

Charlene added: “Judi has joined us on the panel today, you see there’s one more of us here today, because we want to do Brenda proud. You and I were with her last night.”

Judi emotionally explained: “People see us on Loose Women and we get on on stage but it’s so much bigger than that, the friendships that we build outside and the support we give each other in different areas of our life. This is an area, if I’m honest, I don’t want to be here doing this. I don’t want to have to do this, but we have to.

“It’s heartbreaking and all we can do is try and do the best to support Brenda and honour her amazing son in such a difficult time. We just wanted to be there for her yesterday.”

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