GOP Will ‘Decertify’ Stolen Election, Will ‘Lead to the Total Destruction of the Democrat Party!’

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon dropped the hammer on Democrats during his “War Room: Pandemic” podcast on Saturday, warning that Republicans will “decertify” the 2020 presidential election and thus destroy the Democrat Party.

“We’re coming up on the second anniversary of this show, Pandemic, and the third year, because we never held the Chinese Communist Party accountable for what went on. Nobody! Trump did it and that’s why they tried to run him out of – they did – try to run him out of office,” Bannon began.

“And that’s why tonight in Arizona we’re throwing down, we’re going to decertify this. I don’t care if Merrick Garland does not like hearing it. If the FBI doesn’t like hearing it. I don’t care if – Jamie Raskin and Bennie Thompson…Suck on it. We’re going to decertify those electors. OK?” he said, referring to the January 6 House Select Committee Democrats.

Bannon then pointed to several states like Wisconsin, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, states in which the GOP have been taking steps to investigate the fraudulent election of 2020.

“In Arizona, in Wisconsin, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in the state of Georgia. And you’re going to have to deal with it. You stole this election,” Bannon said. “And here is what is so amazing, the irony of Divine Providence, God’s will. It is going to lead to the total and complete destruction of the Democratic Party!”

Trump is scheduled to host a “Save America” rally Saturday evening in Florence, Arizona to discuss the 2020 election fraud amid Joe Biden’s politically disastrous week which culminated with the Supreme Court overturning his unconstitutional workplace vaccine mandate.

President Trump Tells NPR How The 2020 Election Was Stolen

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