Gordon Chang on How to Take on the CCP

The Canadian truckers are winning over anti-authoritarians around the world. Meanwhile, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pulling a Big Joey Biden by calling the truckers racist while trying to change the subject to the Ukraine/Russia border. California failed to pass universal healthcare despite a Democrat super-majority, a single-party government, and a financial surplus. How could this be? California Gov. Gavin Newsom is focused on closing death row (even though California doesn’t do executions anymore), instead of focusing on crime, oppression, or people fleeing his state. What else is new? Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg shows his inner Napoleon by revealing a plan to dole out billions of dollars’ worth of robot speeding tickets to taxpayers. This could be devastating to his career, and it might even be racist. Then, we discuss the latest in the Joe Rogan/Spotify cancellation saga, as the podcast host issued a semi-apology and vowed to change his show to make it more balanced. Why didn’t Joe just tell everyone to “eff” off? Let’s hope the corporations haven’t gotten to him. Our guest today is China expert Gordon Chang, who explains why a Beijing Olympics boycott is necessary and what Americans can do take on the CCP without waiting for our elected leaders.

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