Hochul Vows to Crack Down on Extremist Acts of Violence in New York

Beyond the executive orders, Ms. Hochul, a first-term Democrat seeking re-election in November, also urged the Legislature, which is controlled by fellow Democrats, to pass additional gun safety legislation, some of which were already under consideration even before the shooting in Buffalo.

On Wednesday, Ms. Hochul specifically called for legislation to require the so-called microstamping of semiautomatic pistols that would help law enforcement officers trace cartridge cases found in crime scenes to the gun that discharged them. Legislation requiring microstamping, which California passed in 2007 over opposition and lawsuits from gun manufacturers, has long been discussed in Albany, with bills introduced since at least 2009.

Ms. Hochul, as she had hinted over the weekend, is also seeking legislation to expand the state’s existing ban on some assault weapons to capture firearms that are currently not covered, known as “A.O.W.s,” or any other weapon.

The governor, who is from the Buffalo area, has repeatedly expressed her concern about the spread of hate speech online, describing it as “a virus,” and decrying “social media platforms where this hate can be spewed.”

Indeed, Mr. Gendron invited a number of people to view his personal log about a half-hour before the attack, Discord said on Tuesday, but none of those people appear to have alerted the authorities. Within the personal log, he frequently posted pictures of himself posing with the gear and the gun he used to carry out the attack, as well as detailed plans — including hand-drawn maps — for the assault on Tops.

The attack was meant to be the first of several stages in a massacre during which he planned to kill as many Black people as possible, he wrote in his log. He even went so far as to tally up the number of Black people on the street in a preparatory trip to the city, and dismissed other cities he considered targeting earlier in the year when it would be cold, and pedestrians might be so bundled up that it would be difficult to determine their race.

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