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Conservatives spent the morning passing this around on the premise that Lindsey Granger shamed Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on student-loan debt forgiveness. One would have to believe that Warren has a shame limit to buy that, or for that matter a pandering limit too. The View’s guest co-host — read “sacrificial conservative” — wants to know where the justice is for people who actually acted responsibly with their student-loan debt, and Warren does dodge and weave around the challenge.

For now, anyway:

Was Warren rattled by this? Naaah. In fact, she may have improved on her prior performances to this exact challenge. As our colleague and friend Katie Pavlich pointed out, a voter confronted her at a presidential-primary event in January 2020 with almost exactly the same question. At that time, Warren took a more direct and confrontational approach to debating the point before belatedly realizing it was a loser, especially in Grimes, Iowa:

Warren ended up in third place in votes in the Iowa caucuses a couple of weeks later, but fourth in delegates thanks to Joe Biden’s bounty of superdelegates. She finished with a grand total of 63 votes, barely edging late-entering Michael Bloomberg for third place in the overall primary delegate count. Needless to say, that experience may have taught Warren that a full frontal rebuttal doesn’t work out well.

It doesn’t work out well, though, because it’s not progressive enough, so to speak. This version of buying votes picks only certain winners and too many losers for the benefits of government largesse.  It won’t take Warren long to come up with a plan to expand her debt-forgiveness plan into a broader reimbursement for anyone who took out student loans, even those who paid them off. Warren will call it “educational justice,” or maybe “predatory loan reparations,” even though (a) they’re hardly predatory in either terms or enforcement, and (b) politicians like Warren have been pushing these programs for decades.

It won’t take long before Warren and her pals will shift from student-loan forgiveness to full and retroactive reimbursement for college educations, followed by zero-tuition access paid for by everyone else. Never underestimate the breadth of progressives’ wealth-redistribution ambitions, my friends. You heard it here first.

Anyway, this wasn’t the only notable conservative contribution Granger made to the discourse on The View today. After Sunny Hostin “huffed” that she can’t “understand” black or Latino Republicans, Granger took a shot right back at Hostin’s claim to be a pro-choice Catholic:

Ana Navarro ends up bailing the cast out of this conversation. At least Warren spoke to some form of the issue. I’ll bet that Granger won’t be coming back to The View for a while, and one has to wonder why she — or any conservative — would choose to do so in the first place.

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