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Earlier this week the unnamed teenager who assaulted two teen girls in Loudoun County, Virginia high school bathrooms was found guilty and sentenced to register as a sex offender for life.

The judge found the boy guilty on Wednesday, and ordered him to register as a sex offender, something she said she had never done to a minor before. He will be on supervised probation until his 18th birthday and placed in a residential treatment facility.

The judge told the boy that his psychological reports were scary and that he needed lots of help.

“You scared me. What I read scared me,” she said explaining why for the first time in her career she put a juvenile on the national sex offender registry for life.

“Young man, you need a lot of help,” the judge added.

What was it that scared the judge so much? Parents in Loudoun County won’t find out because the county has decided the final investigative report (which county residents paid for) won’t be made public. According to the school board, they are doing this for the sake of the families involved.

“First and foremost, the report cannot be released because the privacy of the families involved must be protected,” a school board press release on Friday read, referring to the conclusion of an investigation into how it handled the two high-profile allegations.

“The national interest in this investigation would preclude any chance of allowing the families to heal in private and to move forward with dignity. The Division and our Board believe we must do whatever we can to avoid retraumatizing the students and the families involved in the incidents. Furthermore, the Division is legally obligated to protect student confidentiality. This decision was also based on the advice of legal counsel, which determined that the report falls under the protections of the attorney-client privilege.”

So the investigation which might reveal what happened and what various board members knew about what happened and what they did about it can’t be shown to parents…for the sake of the families. That’s what they’re going with. Unfortunately for the school board, one of those families has already released a statement demanding the report be released: “The question must be asked—how can an outside independent investigation, funded by the taxpayers, not be released and is instead kept secret from the public?” The statement ends, “…our lawyers will reveal the truth during the course of our Title IX lawsuit against Loudoun County.”

You probably recall that Scott Smith was arrested at a school board meeting after members of the board denied anyone had been assaulted in a high school bathroom in Loudoun County. He tried to point out that his daughter had been assaulted and some activist creep came up to him and called him a liar. Police tried to pull him away and when he resisted they arrested him. This then became a bullet point the NSBA and others used to show that parents were out of control at school board meetings. So it makes sense that the Smith family doesn’t trust anything the school board says about their motives for hiding this report.

That means there is only one family left on which the school board can hand this excuse. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if they agree with the board’s decision to keep the report under wraps or if they also think the board is protecting itself rather than their daughter. Here’s a report on the story from October.

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