Love Island’s Shaughna Phillips dissolves lip fillers and insists ‘there’s more to life’


Shaughna Phillips has had her lip filler dissolved and taken fans through the process, saying there’s “more to life” than the size of your lips.

The former Love Island star, 27, previously had a fuller pout but decided it was time to get her filler dissolved after getting lumps in her bottom lip and migration in her top lip.

Sharing a video of herself getting the procedure reversed, Shaughna wrote: “I GOT MY LIPS DISSOLVED

“My amazing @dermaplusaesthetics has been doing my lips 8 years now but it was time for a fresh start.

“I had some lumps in my bottom lip and migration in my top lip, mainly from me still having lip filler while I had invisalign. Yes my dentist told me not to, no I didn’t listen, yes I am a t**t.”

Shaughna posted a video of her getting the filler dissolved
Shaughna posted a video of her getting the filler dissolved

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“I was SO hesitant about having my lips dissolved because I honestly don’t remember what I even look like without them! But there’s more to life than what size your bloody lips are,” she went on.

However, although the star has got her current lip filler dissolved, she revealed she’ll be back shortly to get a little bit added back in.

Shaughna added: “I’ll be back in 2 weeks time and will start from scratch, this time I’ll be doing a little here and there so I can really get the shape, I cannot wait.”

It comes after the star candidly discussed her journey to body positivity, and reflected on how unhappy she was when she was slimmer.

Shaughna took a video diary before and after the procedure
Shaughna took a video diary before and after the procedure

Last month the star urged her 1.5 million Instagram followers to “separate (their) happiness from (their) body image”.

Speaking about some of the throwback photos she recently shared , Shaughna said: “I picked apart my body in so many different ways. I always felt like the big girl, I was so self conscious. I just didn’t think I was very worthy of anything.

“Looking back, I just want to give that girl a cuddle because I was fine, but I missed out on so much life, just because I was worried about what I looked like.”

She continued: “Ultimately, the kind of message I’m trying to get across is that we need to separate our happiness from our body image, because we wrap up so much importance and so much of our happiness into what we look like – but we’re fine as we look.”

Shaughna shared some throwback snaps of herself
Shaughna shared some throwback snaps of herself

Shaughna went on to say that she exercises “for the mental benefits”, and previously branded herself “a horrible person” when she doesn’t work out.

The Strictly the Real Full Monty dancer further divulged into her difficult relationship with body image after sharing a string of photos of herself while on Love Island, and on previous holidays.

“When I met with a therapist during the casting process for Love Island, one question they asked me was ‘how do you think you will cope with trolls ridiculing your looks and your body?’ And to be completely honest, it was something I knew would inevitably happen, but worried me the least,” Shaughna penned.

“Not because I was this confident, words can’t hurt me kinda girl, but because I have always been my own harshest critic. In fact, my answer to the therapist was ‘nothing any troll will say to me online is any worse than what I already think about myself’.”

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