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The insanity infecting our public K-12 schools continues to spread and it’s definitely showing up in Maryland. In the state’s largest school district covering all public schools in Montgomery County, the school board has issued new guidelines for dealing with students who claim to be transgender. Any name changes or preferences for biologically incorrect pronouns may not be disclosed to the student’s parents or guardians without the student’s consent. This exclusion of the parents from what could be a critical issue in their children’s lives is obviously more than alarming and many parents are already protesting the rule change. Unfortunately, this is only one of an increasing number of districts around the country that are engaging in these secretive practices. (Free Beacon)

Maryland’s largest school district is prohibiting faculty from disclosing information about children’s chosen gender identity from their parents.

Montgomery County Public Schools has provided guidelines for working with transgender children that say a “student’s transgender status is confidential” and cannot be disclosed with their parent or guardian without their permission.

Public schools across the country this year have implemented policies excluding parents from their children’s education, especially with LGBT policies.

It is once again worth pointing out that if a tattoo artist applies a tattoo to any minor under the age of 18 in Maryland, they can go to prison. No child is allowed to go on a field trip to the zoo without written parental consent. The school nurse cannot provide any medication, including aspirin, to a student except in cases of emergencies without a written parental consent form.

But now, all of a sudden, if a student begins exhibiting potentially aberrant behavior such as declaring that they have “changed genders” or demanding that new names or pronouns be used when addressing them, that information is “confidential?” And not only will the information not be immediately shared with the parents, but the school will actively work to keep that information secret from the parents?

This sort of startling change in a child’s behavior is absolutely something that parents or guardians would need to know about so they can work with their child and determine the best course of action. If your child started showing a predilection for lighting fires in the schoolyard, wouldn’t you want to know about that so you could get them some help? If activists want to treat gender dysphoria as a medical situation potentially requiring medical intervention to support a “transition,” then it should be treated the same as any other medical situation involving a student’s well-being.

There is a path forward when this madness crops up and we’ve seen it happen in other public schools around the country. Ballotpedia has recorded a record rate of recall elections for school board members along with rising numbers of incumbent members being replaced in regularly scheduled board elections. Various reasons are cited in these uprisings at the ballot box including COVID vaccination policies, the teaching of critical race theory, and, yes, transgender policies. Unlike trying to combat the madness that regularly shows up in Washington, school boards can be dealt with at the local level with far fewer people being required to implement changes.

If the state will not step in and override this type of dangerous nonsense, the parents of Montgomery County need to vote out the members of the school board and volunteer to replace them. This isn’t just poor policy. It violates the rights and sanctity of families and it needs to stop.

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