Monthly Horoscope: Libra, July 2022

Some applause could be coming your way as the sun moves through Cancer and lights up the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation! Recognition or a reward of some kind could arrive, and this might be a turning point in your career, reputation, or legacy. 

As things shift in your life in public, changes in your personal life may also be taking place: You could be cutting someone off or disconnecting from the past in a significant way as Mars in Aries squares off with Pluto in Capricorn on July 1. The energy is especially intense at this time, and finding healthy, productive ways to feel your rage (and not repress it!) is key. On July 2, Mercury in Gemini connects with Saturn in Aquarius, making it a solid moment for communication. Like you, Gemini and Aquarius are air signs, intellectual and community-oriented, and Mercury and Saturn’s harmonious connection bodes well for achieving goals, planning for the future, and discussing important issues. Also on July 2, Mercury squares off with Neptune in Pisces, which could find you dealing with some confusion regarding your work or schedule, so it would be wise to keep your schedule and to-do list flexible at this time.

A big shift in energy takes place on July 5 as Mars enters Taurus and Mercury enters Cancer: Mars in Taurus can find you especially driven to manage bills and settle debts, while Mercury in Cancer kicks up communication concerning your career. Mars and Mercury align with each other on July 5, inspiring a busy atmosphere and finding you having a conversation with someone who is interested in investing in your work, or connecting with a partner about how they can better support you as you pursue your career goals. Grand plans are set in motion as Mercury squares off with Jupiter in Aries on July 9—just watch out for exaggerations. The sun connects with Uranus in Taurus on July 10, perhaps bringing an unexpected gift or opportunity your way. 

The full moon in Capricorn takes place on July 13: While Cancer season finds you especially focused on your career, this full moon in Capricorn calls you to look at your home and family life. An issue concerning these themes may be coming to a head at this time. You could be moving, renovating, or releasing the past in some significant way, feeling prepared to embark on a new adventure as Venus in Gemini mingles with Saturn on this day, too. Venus is the planet of love and beauty, and it’s also your ruling planet, so its movements hold special significance for you, dear Libra: As Venus connects harmoniously with serious Saturn, you’re feeling supported in pursuing your dreams, especially capable, responsible, and focused. Mercury also connects with Uranus during this full moon, bringing some unexpected news or an a-ha moment.

Venus squares off with Neptune on July 14, which can put you in a sensitive mood. Making or keeping plans could be frustrating today as communication or scheduling issues may arise. The sun meets Mercury on July 16, which could find you learning important information. News from abroad may arrive! A plan concerning travel or education is unfolding.

Mercury and the sun mingle with dreamy Neptune on July 17, inspiring creativity and boding well for your career: You may feel especially glamorous at this time! Also on July 17, your ruling planet Venus enters Cancer, finding you enchanting the public—again, glamour is in the air! You may receive some accolades or attention at this time. In your love life, you’re realizing—or remembering—how important it is to have partners who “get” you career and cheer you on as you accomplish your goals. As Venus moves through Cancer, you feel especially sensitive about your life in public, so having that support from loved ones—whether lovers, friends, or family—is key.

Mercury opposes Pluto on July 18, perhaps bringing an intense conversation to a climax. Secrets may be revealed at this time. July 19 finds Mercury entering Leo and the sun opposing Pluto: Again, Pluto’s influence at this time may heat up intensity, and with the sun in the mix, big egos may be at play. Big changes could be taking place at home and in your family, and it could bring up sensitive issues for you: If so, reach out to someone qualified to help, like a therapist or a counselor. With Mercury in Leo, you may also feel inspired to connect with a group or community that shares your passions and hobbies: Being around like-minded people can help give you the support you need as you move through big changes at home and at work this month.

Your focus squarely turns to friendship as the sun enters Leo on July 22. Leo season is a powerful time of year for you to reflect on your hopes and dreams for the future, you’re making big wishes at this time, and connecting with inspiring people who can help you achieve your goals, especially as Mercury mingles with Pluto on July 23. This is an exciting time to meet up with friends and connect with partners: Deep intellectual connections can take place. Venus squares off with Jupiter on July 25, perhaps finding you in the mood to party: Be careful not to over-indulge, but do enjoy the fun and excitement in the air! Watch out for bickering as Mercury squares off with Mars on July 26; people may feel impatient and confrontational at this time. 

The new moon in Leo takes place on July 28, which can find you connecting with a new social circle! A new idea may capture your attention. You could be getting involved with a new cause or organization at this time. Leo season in general is a powerful time for teamwork for you, and this new moon marks the beginning of a new group effort. This is also a potent new moon for reflecting on your hopes and wishes: What do you want to manifest for your future, dear Libra? Mercury squares off with Uranus during this new moon, which could bring unexpected information, plus Jupiter begins its retrograde, finding you and partner—in love, business, or otherwise—focused on your partnership and figuring out what the last few months have meant to you. 

July 31 finds Mercury opposing Saturn, which can mean you’re navigating communication obstacles, and while that may put some in a bad mood, the sun also mingles with jovial Jupiter on this day, boding well for your relationships and inspiring a sunny, optimistic vibe. A celebration or gathering may need to be postponed or reconfigured, but people are quite easygoing, or new opportunities may help lighten the mood.

Good luck this month, Leo, and see you in August!

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