Monthly Horoscope: Virgo, July 2022

Cancer season finds the sun illuminating the friendship sector of your chart, making it an exciting time to network and connect with groups and communities that share your passions and hobbies. You might be joining a new club at this time or linking with a new social circle. Virgos are deeply caring and protective of their friends, and during Cancer season, these qualities catch the special attention of the people you know.

Virgos are famously detail-oriented, analytical, and focused on the present. But during Cancer season, you may find yourself feeling wistful about the future. You could be dreaming up big plans for yourself, a new hope or wish can grow in your heart during Cancer season. While people might know you as their practical, level-headed Virgo friend, the side of yourself that’s a day-dreamer can be more active at this time.

July 1 may be a heated, intense day as warrior planet Mars in Aries squares off with the planet of the underworld, Pluto, currently in Capricorn. Arguments and breakups may take place. Small disagreements could be blown out of proportion. Even the most laid back people might feel especially protective about what they love and value at this time, and challenges to these sensitive issues can find folks feeling quite defensive…or offensive! Be mindful of interacting with hot-headed people. Be clear about your limits and set boundaries. An important action or ending may take place, but be sure about the actions you take as they may have severe consequences. 

Mercury in Gemini connects with Saturn in Aquarius and squares off with Neptune in Pisces on July 2, which can bode well for productivity and your career, but might find you having a confusing interaction or misunderstanding with a partner. Go slow, confirm plans, and take time to clarify confusion with each other. On July 5, Mars enters fellow earth sign Taurus, which could find you making travel or education plans, and your ruling planet Mercury enters Cancer, kicking up communication and connection in your social life—the mood is especially chatty and social as these two planets meet. You may feel especially confident and driven to share a message or connect with a group at this time.

Mercury in Cancer squares off with Jupiter in Aries on July 9: Big ideas, juicy gossip, and intriguing opportunities may arrive, but be mindful of exaggerations. The sun connects with wildcard Uranus in Taurus on July 10, which could find you connecting with someone surprising or learning about a novel idea. July 13 marks the full moon in Capricorn, bringing a culmination to a situation that’s been brewing in your love life. You may also be completing a creative project or experiencing a breakthrough on an artistic block. This full moon in Capricorn wants you to lead a full life—if your romantic prospects feel bleak, if you’re not partying and celebrating life enough, if you’re feeling artistically uninspired, it’s time to break out of your routine and go for whatever is calling your heart. This full moon in Capricorn reminds us that the clock is ticking and if we want something, we have to go get it…why live another moment feeling dissatisfied?

During this full moon in Capricorn on July 13, Venus in Gemini mingles with Saturn, which can bode especially well for your career and reputation, and Mercury with Uranus, perhaps bringing an unexpected opportunity your way. Venus squares off with Neptune on July 14, finding people in an especially sensitive mood. Insecurities and worries may creep up, causing people to feel quite weepy or worried. Try to stay grounded in reality and don’t let your imagination run away from you. Still, this could bring a breakthrough in a relationship if you and your partner are willing to be open and vulnerable with each other.

The sun meets Mercury on July 16, which could find you having an important realization about your friendships and your wishes for the future. July 17 finds Mercury and the sun connecting with Neptune, inspiring your imagination and encouraging deep, spiritual connection in your social life and relationships. Plus Venus enters Cancer, which could find you feeling especially popular! This is a powerful time to connect with your partners on an intellectual level and enjoy your social lives together.

Your ruling planet Mercury opposes Pluto on July 18: If you’ve been going along with certain plans because you didn’t want to make a fuss…you might finally realize you need to make a fuss! Powerful struggles might take place, so watch out for manipulation, gossip, and twisted truths. If you know something is important to you, don’t pretend it isn’t or let others convince you that it shouldn’t be. On July 19, Mercury enters Leo, encouraging you to connect with your inner voice and perhaps take some time away from all the noise to reconnect with yourself in a quiet space. The sun opposes Pluto on July 19, which might kick up power struggles and ego battles again. Drama may pop up in your social life. It would be wise to bring in a third party to mediate things, especially if you feel like someone is manipulating you or being unfair.

Leo season begins on July 22, encouraging you to take a time-out: Take a break from work if you can, catch up on sleep, go to a secluded place where you can reconnect with yourself and nature. Time away may be just what you need in order to feel rejuvenated and gain perspective. Mercury connects with Jupiter on July 23, inspiring an open-minded, easy going energy, and Venus squares off with Jupiter on July 25, inspiring some over-the-top partying or indulgence. This can be an exciting time for social connection, romance, and celebration, but be mindful not to over-indulge! Mercury squares off with Mars on July 26, perhaps inspiring some impulsivity, impatience, or bickering, and try not to rush!

The new moon in Leo arrives on July 28, also finding Mercury squaring off with Uranus, and Jupiter beginning its retrograde. New moons symbolize new beginnings, and this one calls you to carve out more time for yourself to rest and step away from work, to take more time to daydream, wander, and experience healthy escape. Mercury squaring off with Uranus could bring surprising news or an unexpected opportunity. Jupiter beginning its retrograde can find you reviewing your finances: You might be eager to pay down a debt or generally reorganize your budget, especially regarding money or other resources your share with partners. You and a partner, in love or business, are working out how you can save money or cut expenses.

On July 31, Mercury opposes Saturn and the sun connects with Jupiter, which could find you frustrated with your schedule but excited about new opportunities. The sun’s connection with Jupiter can inspire a freeing sense of emotional expansion, and you may be leaving the past behind in some significant way or feeling at peace with the unknown or the unchangeable. Mercury’s opposition with Saturn might find you facing communication delays, rejections, or scheduling difficulties, but it’s a good time to reassess your limits and boundaries, and to make clear what you do and don’t have time for.

Good luck this month, Virgo, and see you in August!

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