Mrs Hinch fans share 44p hack to remove permanent marker from walls using kitchen item

Mrs Hinch’s loyal fans are often sharing their top tips on how to keep homes sparkling.

The social media sensation, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, has many groups dedicated to her cleaning tips and one in particular is the Facebook group Mrs Hinch’s Cleaning Tips.

Recently, a user shared her worry after her son had used permanent marker to draw on the walls.

Permanent marker, unlike regular pens, is water resistant meaning that the dye used resists fading depending on the surfaces it is used on.

When used on walls, permanent marker is very hard to remove and can often stain long term. If scrubbed too hard, the paint on the wall can also peel away.

Mrs Hinch's fans shared their tips to remove permanent marker from walls
Mrs Hinch’s fans shared their tips to remove permanent marker from walls

However, Mrs Hinch’s fans have found a nifty way to remove the marks using something found in many kitchens across the country: mayonnaise.

One wrote: “Mayonnaise will do the trick.”

While another added: “I’ve been in your situation before and tried the mayonnaise trick.

“Bought the cheapest one I could find, 44p from Asda, and it was game-changing.”

Mayonnaise’s oil content along with its high vinegar content is thought to penetrate stains from permanent markers.

Mrs Hinch fans recommended placing a spoon of mayonnaise on the stain and rubbing it slightly before leaving for five minutes. After that it is best to remove carefully with a kitchen roll.

Apparently mayonnaise will do the trick!
Apparently mayonnaise will do the trick!

Sophie is proud mum to Ronnie and Lennie
Sophie is proud mum to Ronnie and Lennie

Other users recommended using another household staple, hand sanitiser on the stains.

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers do a good job of removing permanent marker ink. They reactivate the ink, allowing you to easily wipe the stain off.

It is recommended to cover the entire ink stain with hand sanitiser before letting it sit for 30 seconds and wiping away with a soft cloth.

Just recently Mrs Hinch showed fans they can get a bit of her inspiration in their own homes when she launched her Tesco garden range .

At just £8, prices for her stylish new pieces start low while her most expensive purchase, a four-piece furniture set, will only set you back £499.

Recently the cleanfluencer released her Tesco garden range
Recently the cleanfluencer released her Tesco garden range

There’s a stylish four-piece furniture set which comes with water-resistant cushions, a seagrass lantern, and a selection of outdoor plants.

A love seat egg chair is listed at £350 with Mrs Hinch claiming that it is big enough for two people at once.

Sophie said: “As a family, we love to spend as much time as we can in our garden with the boys during the spring and summer months.”

“Working with Tesco to extend our home comforts outside to create a stylish outdoor space has been another dream come true.”

“We’ve added natural rattan finishes, sage green foliage, and hints of light blue inspired by the Mediterranean throughout the collection for a classic, timeless look that you can enjoy with your family and friends, year after year.”

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