Sen. Tom Cotton: Biden is in denial about what his policies have done to America

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., blasted President Biden for downplaying crises in America that are leading to inflation and forcing families to make tough choices Wednesday on “America Reports.” 

SEN. TOM COTTON: The president is still in denial about what his reckless spending policies have done to our economy. Families all across Arkansas are starting to face painfully tragic choices between paying the mortgage, heating the home, paying for gasoline, buying kids an extra Christmas present or two. That’s a direct result of Joe Biden and the Democrats reckless taxing and spending policy. 

We’ve had this pandemic for two years. We did not have this kind of inflation though until Joe Biden and the Democrats took office. He is largely just shifting the blame. He’s not trying to come up with answers. He is blaming oil companies or OPEC for high gas prices, for instance. It was Joe Biden who shut down the Keystone pipeline on his first day in office; Who refuses to authorize other pipelines needed to move petroleum products across the country. Who is trying to charge oil producers more fees for drilling on federal lands or in federal waters? These are things that are directly contributing to inflation that is hurting American families.


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