Stacey Abrams Hates Your Kids; Guest Rep. Mike Waltz Fights Back Against the NBC/CCP

On today’s Breitbart News Daily Podcast, host Alex Marlow discusses two-time Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams forcing healthy children to mask up for a photo op, while she, an unhealthy adult, goes maskless. Does this make any sense? Actually, probably more than you think. Then, the Joe Rogan cancellation saga continues. The cancel mob found an actually racist joke of his over the weekend, which led Spotify CEO Daniel Ek to apologize to his staff; but Rogan remains on the platform (at least for now). Plus, the podcast host apologized yet again for old stuff; but as always, apologizing to the woke mob doesn’t help. The war on politics in our major U.S. cities is getting darker by the day; we share a shocking statistic. More Americans have defected to China for the Genocide Games with less than stellar results. And the Canadian truckers are still the brightest spot in a world full of depressing news. Our guest today is former Green Beret Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL), a long-time China hawk who attempted to place an anti-China ad on Olympic broadcaster NBC’s airwaves. The ad features NBA player Enes Kanter Freedom, but it was rejected. We discuss what he did and where we go from here as the CCP keeps lining the pockets of American companies. And finally, we turn to the Great White North for our caller of the day.

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