The 14 Best Blankets and Throws for Winter

Now that we’re in the heart of winter, we’re entering Platinum Level cozy mode with electric socks, the best puffers, and endless amounts of twice-baked potatoes in our belly. We’re staying inside a little bit more, and looking to zhuzh our living rooms, bedrooms, and reading nooks with the best cozy blankets that keep us (and our furniture) feeling toasty and looking fine. It’s a new year, and even if we can’t throw down for a new couch at the moment, we can absolutely give our current sofa the facelift it deserves with a new house blanket or throw. They’re like the crème fraîche on the tart, or the mayonnaise on my caviar [Midwestern Aunt has entered the chat]. Remember when Lenny Kravitz invented the slanket in 2014? He truly set the bar for how involved we want your house blankets to be in your life:

 You, too, deserve a blanket so good it can hit the streets—a cozy faux-fur throw that feels like a spoiled chinchilla, caresses you like a hot tortilla, and looks like it could be found in that Chelsea art gallery that yelled at you once for taking a bite of your bagel. This is peak Hygge Lord season, and we’re not saying you need a new blanket to feel like your best, cozy self—but it sure helps. 

We’ve found the best house blankets for everyone this winter, whether you’re a die-hard Pendleton lover or looking for a trippy mushroom throw or a graphic print plush boi; you could be on the hunt for the best electric blanket (yes, they really do slap), or be ready to take home a weighted blanket by Casper (we found one on sale), but whatever you need, we got you. Here are our fave blankets this Soup Season for keeping those precious toes warm. 

This cult-fave West Elm faux-fur blanket

West Elm invited the whole damn herd to peruse its collection of faux-fur throws, including a variety of textures and ombré patterns that are so soft you’ll swear it’s the real thing (but of course, it’s not). Snuggling up to one of its faux-chinchilla clouds will make you feel like an old money nepotism baby, drifting off to sleep on a pile of money.  

West Elm

Faux Fur Ombre Throw

If faux fur isn’t your jam, check out West Elm’s impressive blanket section for everything from chunky, cotton-knit throws to graphic blankets that look like Matisse cutouts—which is perfect for covering up the couch we’re sick of looking at. 

West Elm

Claudia Pearson Ebb & Flow Cotton Blanket

Tartan plaid is a classic

If you are also on this New Testament quest with us to become a peak lumbersexual being (and we know you are), then you’re going to need a tartan throw that makes you feel like a cross between a druid and the Brawny Man. This wool blanket from The Tartan Blanket Co. is made from longer, recycled fibers to stay extra soft.

The Tartan Blanket Co.

Recycled Wool Blanket in Stewart Dress Antique Tartan

You’re a desert lizard 

Ah, to be Georgia O’Keeffe, awakening to a red Taos sunrise while wrapped in a minimalist, earthy throw. (Or at least a lizard that somehow got into her kitchen.)   

Casa Amarosa

Noir Celestial Throw Blanket

Like wrapping yourself in an Irish fisherman’s knit sweater

Are you in your 20s or 30s, but were somehow born from the mist of a Celtic island a thousand years ago? This fisherman’s knit-style throw has a 4.6-star rating from over 1,200 reviews, and makes us feel like the most popular person in the lighthouse. It also comes in a bunch of different colors, from mustard to robin’s egg blue. “So very soft,” writes one reviewer, “[and] perfect [to be] placed on the end of the bed for those naps. Just the right amount of air flow and coziness too.”

Loon Peak

Camel Shibles Knitted Luxury Chenille Throw

You’re 90s nostalgic

We can’t pierce your belly button at Claire’s Boutique ourselves, and we’re out of teeny tiny 90s backpacks (we’re not, here they are), so this Yin Yang blanket is the next best thing for the 90s-nostalgic homebody: 

Urban Outfitters

Olivia Yin Yang Print Amped Fleece Throw Blanket

Yes, electric blankets are actually amazing

One of our editors swears by her Sunbeam Electric Blanket. “My friend and I belong to the cult of Sunbeam Electric Blanket Babes,” she writes about the best cozy gifts, “sliding up the heat to level three on this silky boi like a Hard Chiller Bat-Signal anytime we get cold. This is just such a great item to have on-hand as a host, too.” 


Microplush Walnut Heated Blanket With10 Heat Settings

You like mushrooms and butts

Of course you do, you’re only human. Or are you? Spread your precious mycelium toes beneath this shroomy blanket and try to convince us otherwise, you hot little shitake. 


Sexy Mushrooms Throw Blanket

America’s most iconic quilts

Quilting belongs everywhere, from jackets to bags to throws and wherever else you can proudly display fine needlework. When you take home a quilt from the isolated hamlet of Gee’s Bend, Alabama, you’re supporting one of the most treasured and deep-running crafts in America. Since the 19th century, Black women have been crafting these eclectic quilts as a means of intergenerational storytelling. For the first time ever, these gorgeous tapestries are available on Etsy, in partnership with Nest (a nonprofit focused on equity in the Makers Movement) and Souls Grown Deep (a foundation focused on elevating Black artists).


Handsewn Gee’s Bend Quilt

An affordable version of a Pendleton throw

Pendleton has been making some of the country’s best wool blankets out of Portland, Oregon for over a century, including some incredible recent collaborations with indigenous artists. We’ve been coveting the heritage brand’s multi-striped wool throw even more than our neighbor’s wife: 


Striped Wool Throw

… And we even found its far more affordable doppelganger on Society6: 

Cafe Pretzel

Rustic Lodge Striped Blanket

If you like Pendleton and also wear Vans, the blanket slingers have also made an exclusive checkered blanket for Urban Outfitters:

Pendleton x Urban Outfitters

Checkered Wool Bed Blanket

This Casper weighted blanket is 30% off

There’s a unique elegance to the feeling of being gently crushed by the weight of a Casper blanket. For a limited time, the cult-fave bedding and mattress company is having a sale on its signature weighted blanket, which is designed to hold your body like a hug, and purportedly reduce anxiety to encourage a more peaceful sleep. We’re not scientists or doctors, but we can tell you we’re legit fans. 

Beans, rice, and a dollop of YOU

We had the best lucid dream last night, in which you rolled us up in a tortilla like a hot human burrito and gave us butterfly kisses until morning. Now, it’s a reality:


Premium Soft Tortilla Blanket

Keep cozy out there. 

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.

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