The 16 Best Silverware and Flatware Sets

We’re always looking for easy ways to amp up our serotonin levels, whether it’s through the best DIY, rental-friendly apartment upgrades, or staring at these 47 pictures of Keanu Reeves for another nine minutes every morning. We’d also like to think that Keanu would agree with us about focusing on the little things when it comes to home decor and accessories; Can you imagine the difference some string lights would’ve made in that underground city in The Matrix? A decent, washable shag rug

Sure, it’s tempting to invest in the most obvious upgrades for your home such as a new sofa or mattress. Those are important, don’t get us wrong. But what about the more overlooked home staples, such as silverware? Admittedly, our cutlery drawer looks more like a grab bag of random knives and forks than the kind of matching, sparkling fleet of flatware we’d like to see— and definitely the kind we’d like to have come our next dinner party—but it doesn’t have to be that way; There are solid 48-piece flatware sets out there for under $50, and the kind of moody-chic cutlery David Lynch probably owns for a little bit more. You can find the best silverware sets with a pop of color, handsome hardware, and sturdy blades without spending hundreds of dollars. Whether you’re looking for an entire, affordable flatware set that looks and feels expensive or some novelty spoons that make you the most interesting person in the room, here’s some of our favorite flatware for making your life, and your tablescape, even better.    

The best basic sets according to Amazon reviewers

Look, you’re here to get things done, which we both appreciate and respect. Whether you live with a few roommates or just want an ample flatware set that comes with plenty of steak knives, Amazon has some much-vetted and praised sets, such as this 48-piece silverware set by Hiware that has a 4.6-star rating and oer 8,000 reviews. “For the price, these are a no brainer,” says one reviewer; “Very good weight,” writes another, “Not too heavy, not too light. Pretty, and smooth […] Feels good in your mouth and the flatware is comfortable to hold.”


Silverware Set with Steak Knives (48 Pieces)

If you’re more so on the prowl for a 20-piece set, this svelte silverware by Kingston is both very affordable and looks as if it hails from the much pricier, hallowed design grounds of West Elm or CB2. Those slender handles hit a chic note between Bauhaus and mid-century modern that has earned the set a 4.6-star rating. “Excellent, simple and clean design,” writes one owner, “Less is more, and [there are] no convoluted surface cleaning issues.”  


Stainless Steel Flatware Set (20 Piece)

You like a bit of weight in the handle

It’s not the job of you beautiful people to worry about weight distribution in your cutlery—that’s what we’re for, and we want you to know how gratifying it is to hold a spoon with the right amount of smooth, elegant weight in its handle; It’s like a shoehorn for food, and a set such as this with such nicely weighted handles will make you feel richer with every bite. We have no evidence for this, but our intuition tells us that both Ina Garten and Alanis Morrisette fuck with this Beau Manoir flatware set. 

Beau Manoir

Flatware Set (20 Pieces)

Your mouth deserves gold

Who wants a silver spoon when these exist? Nothing will elevate your morning coffee or tea time better than a set of golden flatware. The next step? Finding those goblets from Love Is Blind.


Titanium Gold Plated Stainless Steel Flatware Set (20 Piece)


Dragonfly Flatware Set (20 Piece)

West Elm

Brushed Stainless Steel Flatware Sets (20 Piece Set)

Tortoiseshell makes everything hella classy

Tortoiseshell finishing is like the Little Black Dress of flatware, which is not something we ever thought we’d say but you could literally pair tortoiseshell silverware with anything—especially these wavy placemats—and it would look great. Dress them up or down for every season and tablescape, because these babies are a true ride or die.  


Bistrot Flatware (Set of 5)


Tortoise Flatware Set in Brown (Set of 16)

You’re an aging punk

We have an entire gift guide for soon-to-be elder punks, because, like you, we’ve also started  clearing out space on the counter for fancy candles and nice glassware that looks elevated but still feels authentic to our crusty core. This matte black set by LAZAHOME should get its own A24 movie:  


Matte Black Silverware Set (20-Piece)

Ginkgo has been making excellent flatware since the 1970s, and everyone loves to try and copy their swag, but you can’t outdo the doer. The brand’s stainless steel Lyon flatware set comes with extra studs, just like you. 


Lyon Stainless Steel Flatware (20-Piece Set)

The best knives in France…

… And maybe the world? We’re biased because we’ve been using knives from Laguiole, France, for years, but that’s because they’re an absolute beast when it comes to design. As cutlery, Laguiole (pronounced “lah-yole”) knives have been around since the 1700s, and the tradition of expert blade crafting in the region goes back even farther. These knives are so easy to handle, that they feel like a natural extension of your fingers when slicing through steak, tofu, and veggies; You’ll feel like the Edouard Scissorhands of a very adult kitchen set-up. They’re certainly not cheap, but this is the kind of set your ancestors are going to argue over inheriting. 

Jean Dubost

Laguiole 24 Piece Everyday Flatware Set with Handles in a Tray

Never misplace your spoon again

Investing in some color blocking flatware is a clever way of remembering exactly which knife, fork, or spoon you were using last before you got up to do that thing (which thing was it, again?). Plus, they just look fun. If you grew up making Teletubbies memes and watching John Waters movies, you deserve these.   


Cutlery Set (24-Pieces)

A little summertime with every bite

What is it about bamboo that is so damn joyful? The homage they pay to the iconic, cult-fave Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar in San Francisco? The fact that it makes us feel like a baby panda? “I like that each piece is not the same,” writes one reviewer of the 5-star rated set, while another says, “These come with a lot of personality, [which] is more than welcome in my house.” The bamboo handles mean you should hand-wash these babies, but a dishwasher run now and again can’t hurt. 

Koala Love

Bamboo Cutlery (12-Piece Set)

MoMA made a ramen spork 

“Justice for sporks.” It’s not just our favorite bumper sticker, it’s a lifestyle. Ever since we were swapping lunchtime snacks and camping with our horse girl crush, the spork has been there—and now, MoMA has created a stylish, cheeky spork just for your ramen. “It actually works,” writes one reviewer of the spork, “[the] noodles attach to the fork portion and the broth goes in the spoon, then into your mouth.” Hell yeah.  

Dig in  

God, we love people like you. You’re the kind of maximalist, novelty-bent hype buddy who bought the corn on the cob side table that was all over Instagram, always finds the party, and says things like, “The city is my gym!” These shovel spoons are just begging for your dad puns, as well as the opportunity to dig into your morning coffee or MUD\WTR (the viral coffee alternative).  


Shovel Spoons (Set of 4)

You share your spoon with your pet

We get it, you’re smitten with your kitten. But please use these paws instead; They’re perfect for eating dessert, mixing drinks, and using as a stencil for cake and coffee decorating.


8-Pack Cat Paw Spoon

See you for dinner? We’ll bring the splayds

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