The 35 Best Gifts for Your Girlfriend or Wife for Valentine’s Day

We know, we know: When it comes to Valentine’s Day, the best gifts in life—love, friendship, and a cure for IBS—can’t be bought. But the coolest ones can, as evidenced by the Overthetop Oakley shades, CBD bath bombs, and a pair of gem-encrusted, pearl-drop shrimp earrings that could’ve time traveled from the 1972 Surrealist Rothschild ball right into your boo’s perfect lap. That’s the kind of energy your lady love deserves, always, and it’s why we’ve made you a smorgasbord of presents to shower her in this Valentine’s Day.

You’re here because you’re looking for the best V-Day gifts for your girlfriend, the best gifts for your wife, or maybe the best gift for your dominatrix—and we’ve got ideas for every budget, whether you’re a Big Time Banker Guy (or Gal), a professional email-sending drone, or a freelance circus squirrel trainer. We can’t promise that they’ll keep you and her together forever, and in fact, you may never see her again when y’all head to Joshua Tree for that vacay and she finds the earthships. But hey, it’s all gravy. 

We speak for the trees when we say that wives and girlfriends, like most other people, just want nice stuff. There’s no trick to finding the best gifts for women, since we’re all different, special flowers and unique praying mantises; just give us the kind of presents you would give to anyone who deserves to unwind with a little more luxury, or brew their coffee in a stoneware Le Creuset French press.  

Whether you have a budget of $50, or you’re ready to drop big coins on a Motörhead-themed fire pit, here are some of our favorite gifts for your wifey, babe, or boo on Lurve Day.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her for Under $50

This tea is a beautiful flower…

… Just like your beautiful flower. The flower sparkles. The flower tastes divine, and looks like a dream, because it blossoms in her cup. The flower is a metaphor. 

The Qi

Blue Lotus Blossoming Flower Herbal Tea (9 Pack)

A candle that becomes a vase/mug/holder of hair ties

Why can’t all candles be like this? The Checkmate by Paddywax has a clean, earthy aroma, and its checkered vessel is dishwasher safe and ready to start moonlighting as your favorite coffee mug once you’ve finished burning it. “The packaging was impeccable,” writes one reviewer, “each candle was carefully boxed and cushioned. All the fragile ceramic and glass in my order was in perfect shape.”


Checkmate Black Fig + Olive Candle

No-nonsense slippers

There are many nonsense slippies and slides, like these wearable lobsters, but your lady might seek the grip support of slippers that are so non-slip, she could scale the side of the Empire State building, NBD. 

Bombas Socks

Women’s Gripper Slipper

Wrap her head in velvet

Cee Cee’s Closet is one of New York City’s most beloved boutiques for hand-crafted headwraps. Just look at this buttery, shimmery red velvet number. 

Cee Cee’s Closet

Rudolph Red Velvet Headwrap

You haven’t made it to Japan yet

But your cat doesn’t have to know that. No judgement if we try to fit into this charming house ourselves. After all, cat furniture is looking insanely chic these days


Izakaya Cat House and Bar Scratcher

Boba lamp

Glug glug, baby. Don’t be surprised if she wakes up craving tapioca balls after falling asleep to the warm glow of this lamp.  

A CBD bath bomb subscription

You know what’s a great way to feel the effects of CBD, other than a tincture that literally drops it down your gullet? A steamy bath or shower. These bath bombs are made by  combining cannabinoids with terpenes/essential oils, so she’ll feel like a thousand happy little ghosts are massaging her toes.

Kush Queen

Relieve CBD Bath Bomb

A washable silk sleep mask

We’ll say it: Dainty sleep masks are for liars. And if we sound cranky, it’s only because we haven’t blanketed our tired peepers under this generous, cloud-like mask by Lunya. 


Washable Silk Sleep Mask

Every scarf has its thorns

It’s difficult to find affordable winter accessories with real personality, but this scarf is full of some elegant gusto.

Los Angeles Apparel

Rose Scarf

Everything she needs for a hot pot feast

Is she a Taurus? A person with a stomach? Then she’ll love Umamicart’s curated hot pot essentials collection, which comes with fish balls, veggies, noodles, soup bases, and thinly sliced meats. Perfect for winter nights spent on the couch. 


Hot-Pot Essentials Kit

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her for Under $100 

A countertop citrus juicer

Don’t be surprised if she leaves you for this countertop juicer. Can you blame her? Look at those curves and that squeezing power. 

Verve Culture

Countertop Citrus Juicer

A stoneware French press

As a woman of taste, she may already have the Le Creuset cast iron oven. The iconic cookware brand’s French press, however, is a new card in her Pokémon deck. It’s even crafted from stoneware for extra heat retention. 

Le Creuset

Marseille Le Creuset Stoneware French Press

Keep those ears toasty

Ushanka hats, next to vodka, are the greatest Russian creation. Especially when they tie, so your girl can enter winter night prepped for adventure.


Tie-Fastening Ushanka Hat

A non-alcoholic spirit entertaining setup

Ghia is one of the best in the game when it comes to non-alcoholic spirits. The flavoring is crisp and delightfully bitter, made with natural, herbal ingredients and takes our tongue on a woodland hike circa 1978. Their ~Le Works~ gift bundle comes with a chic bébé panetone, and Ghia’s take on a Nutella-esque spread. 


Le Works Apéritif Kit

Froth her milk

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, there’s something lowkey horny about frothing your partner’s milk.


Illy Electric Milk Frother

A crossbow

Have you finished the latest season of You? Just gonna leave this here for posterity, and Swole Cupid’s blessing.

Ace Martial Arts Supply

Cobra System Self Cocking Pistol Tactical Crossbow

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her for Under $200 

Flowers that will never die

Get it? Like your love? Urban Stems are absolute champs at arranging bouquets of colorful pampas and eucalyptus in a way that feels romantic, but never cheesy.

Urban Stems

The Suri Dried Bouquet With Vase

Vintage Kartell espresso glasses

You know what’s a trip? Sipping your morning espresso from a glass jellyfish. These Kartell cups are so ethereal, they could only be held by the hands of your angel. 

Patricia Urquiola

Set of 4 Kartell Jellies Espresso Cup in Light Blue

A Casper weighted blanket

Literally blanket her with your adoration via the unyielding yet gentle force of a weighted Casper blanket. If you’ve never tried a weighted throw, the feeling is akin to the comfort you feel as you drift into a deep sleep, and feel cocooned in a calming energy. 

One of our editors also swears by the Barefoot Dreams blanket, and says it’s both freakishly soft and comfortable (even though who knows WTF it’s made out of). 

She’s pretty damn witchy

Of course she is, she’s perfect. That’s why she deserves to roll on her essential oils with real crystal applicators. This trio of herbacious, relaxing scents by Pink Moon also steeps its blends, which include rosemary, cedwarwood, rose, and more, with amethyst, topaz, and rose quart. Daaaaamn.

Pink Moon

Lunar Gardens Perfume Oil Set With Crystals

Barefoot Dreams blanket 

Barefoot Dreams

In the Wild Throw Blanket

Rihanna would approve

We can picture this BDSM chain skirt joining Riri’s impressive rotation of Carnival looks. It takes no prisoners. 


Chain Skirt Bondage Gear

A couples’ vibrator

This Lovense app-controlled vibrator has been a cam girl staple toy for ages, and once the pandemic hit, a lot of distanced couples started to see why. The interface is easy to use, and the vibes are oh so strong with this one. 


Lush 3 App Controlled Rechargeable Love Egg Vibrator

Bathe in gemstones

This is one of the most relaxing, luxuriating bath time experiences one of our editors has ever had (it was actually reminiscent of the carbonated pool at SoJo Spa Club). In addition to cedarwood oil, plumeria, jasmine, hops, and mineral-charged seaweed water, this bath time mixture contains malachite and quartz extracts for Gooping yourself to the stars. Consider us converted.

Standard Dose

Restorative Floral Bath

Does she have a hard time falling asleep?

No more noise machine. Henceforth, baby gets her very own pair of swanky noise-cancelling Bose earbuds, filled with a variety of relaxing sounds that’ll go for 10 hours.


Sleepbuds II With Relaxing and Soothing Sleep Sounds

Wow, you really love this broad

Mix it up

The millennial version of owning a house is owning a Kitchenaid, and that’s cool. These cult appliances are the Cadillac of kitchens. 


Kitchenaid Artisan Mini Plus 3.5-Qt. Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

She’ll be the hottest one at Long John Silver’s

Imagine watching baby throw back a chowder bowl in these. Poetry in motion, courtesy of the ocean’s finest, gem-encrusted shellfish. 


Shrimp Drop Earrings

An epic 360 camera for her smartphone

If her lens sux, no it doesn’t—this attachment can transform her Cloverfield-level camera skills into a stabilized, 360-degree, 4K-quality video that the Academy will love. (VR goggles not included.)

Ricoh Theta

SC2 Beige 360° Camera With 4K Video

A new record player set-up

She loves that portable suitcase record player the 70s, but it’s kiiind of scratching up her LPs. Gift her a whole Adult Record Player (complete with speakers) by Audio-Technica.


Audio-Technica AT-LP3BK Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable Bundle

For the oat milk enthusiast who has everything

Babe’s gotta have her oat milk. And her nut milk. And whatever else she can concoct with this plant-based milk-makin’ machine and its complimentary jugs.


Non-Dairy Milk Maker with 6 Carafes

Because she wears her heart on her bum

In the perfect matrix, we have unlimited access to the glorious and unhinged archives of America’s #1 luxury kitsch statue emporium, Design Toscano, and our first purchase (after the deranged crab chair) is this heart-shaped throne.

Design Toscano

Sweetheart Victorian Heart-Backed Armchairs

Snaggletooth fire pit

Is she a Motörhead fan? Does she enjoy headbutting you in your sleep? Give her the gift of endless flames with this hand-crafted fire pit. 


Motorhead Snaggletooth Fire Pit

A getaway to Joshua Tree

Babes love the desert. Sweep her off those size 11 feet and into a sunny Joshua Tree homestead furnished with Danish mid-century pieces, and the option of requesting at-home reiki and sound baths:

Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 11.59.11 AM.png

Las Alas del Sol; sleeps up to 4, $342/night at Plum Guide

If you’re going for something a little more rustic, the Mesa House is a two bedroom hideaway with records for spinning, and a stock tank pool (known as a cowboy tub) for soaking under the stars:

Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 12.02.59 PM.png

The Mesa House; sleeps up to 4, $366/night at Plum Guide

We also recommend taking a 1970s-inspired desert bender in a home with ample hammocks, egg chairs, and shaggy blankets. This one is just 10 minutes from the shops and restaurants of Yucca Valley:

Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 12.05.54 PM.png

Gemini Retreat; sleeps up to 4, $292/night at Plum Guide

Happy V-Day, and please invite us to the Motörhead bonfire.  

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.

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