The 7 Coolest Drops This Week, From PlayStation Sneaks to V-Day Coffee

You know what time it is, Friday-afternoon cowboys [unfurls shag rug]. The hour is nigh for sipping a crystal glass of Cynar, our favorite artichoke liqueur (OK, the only one we know of), debating whether or not House of Gucci is worth renting on Amazon (do it for Gaga), and peeping the best new drops and collaborations that the internet has to offer this week, because it’s cold outside, and Mama’s gotta have her heartwarming streetwear drops.  

Last week’s drops swaddled us in house coats that feel like duvets and rang in the Lunar New Year with hot pot kits and tons of dope merch. This week’s coolest collaborations brought together some of our favorite sexual wellness companies, including Dame and Ohnut, for bundles designed to make sexy time more relaxed and enjoyable for everyone with tips, tricks, and game-changing sex toys. Bodega dropped a very Bass Pro Shops-core collection, and Saint Rihanna has blessed us with a slew of fresh new beauty products. Whether you’re looking for a V-Day gift for your coffee-obsessed partner, a new candle that probably has more personality than most people we’ve dated, or a new gaming console, this week’s drops have something tantalizing for everyone. 

Bodega x Helinox

The lips of Big Mouth Billy Bass have spoken and dubbed the “Natural Habitat” collaboration by Bodega and Helinox a match made in swamp-logger-meets-skater-bro heaven—which is a very specific place to be, but we love it there. The premium, packable chair, table, and cot have one of the most unique camouflage patterns we’ve ever seen, because the leaves are blended with motifs of broken glass, concrete, and fences, which means the designers definitely found that spot by the reservoir where you used to smoke weed in high school. Bodega is also having it’s semi-annual 40% off sale right now, so you can truly get lost in the streetwear sauce this weekend.  

Bodega x Helinox

Chair One

Bodega x Helinox

Table One Hard Top

La Colombe’s V-Day roast

Even the most tender-hearted folks enjoy a good roast on Valentine’s Day, and La Colombe has launched a chocolatey, medium-roasted bean that’s the perfect gift for partners, family members, and whomever else you want to shower in love and caffeine this V-Day. Order the festive XOXO beans on their own, or as part of a bundle that includes a 1970s-style diner mug. 

La Colombe

Be Mine Bundle: XOXO Roast and Coffee Mug

Dame x Ohnut x FK Living

One of the world’s most brazen sex toy companies, Dame, has hooked up with fellow sexual wellness brand Onhut (whose eponymous jelly rings are designed to make vaginal penetration easier/less painful during sex) and The Pillow Talk Conversation Deck for a limited time, hole-y trinity V-Day bundle. Not only will you take home Dame’s über-popular, rechargeable bullet vibrator—as well as a set of your own Ohnut rings—but you’ll also receive a copy of the spicy Pillow Talk card game. A thrilling throuple, if ever there was one.

Dame x Ohnut x FK Living

Go Deeper Bundle

D.S. & DURGA’s newest candle

We’re always jonesing for candles that promise an out-of-body sensory experience, and the olfactory genies at D.S. & DURGA have outdone themselves with their latest flame, the Salt Marsh Rose candle. Imbued with notes of lichen, sweet pepper bushes, sea lettuce, and swamp roses, the candle is meant to make you feel as if you’ve drifted into “a lazy ramble in hidden thickets on Cape islands, where marsh rose and swamp mallows suck brackish tides [and] ospreys hunt in estuary wetlands.” In other words, someone else’s fabulous Cape Cod vacation. 


Salt Marsh Rose Candle

Fenty Beauty’s refillable lipsticks

Rihanna had some reaaaally big news this week, y’all: Her beauty company is launching a more sustainable, refillable matte lipstick in classic shades. (What, did anything else happen?) The tube was even inspired by the singer’s own cupid’s bow, and as always the formulas are free of parabens and phthalates, so the ingredients label is all killer, no filler. 

Fenty Beauty

The Case Semi-Matte Refillable Lipstick

MacKenzie Childs’ check spring collection

The devil works hard, but MacKenzie Childs works harder. “Whoooomst?” you’re probably asking. Well, you probably know the home good’s brand by look, even if you don’t know it by name. MacKenzie Childs has been a master of kitsch decor since the 1980s; she’s the OG queen of suburban camp; and she’s the master of check decor motifs (MacKenzie walked so Lisa Says Gah could run). So when we received news of over 650 new items dropping for spring, all loaded with over-the-top, checkered patterns, we force-fed our wallet to our browsers. Sure, some of the items (this rabbit driving a beet) belong in the ninth circle of hell. But you know what? So do we, and we will be requiring checkered faux-flame pillar candles, a hypnotic check-enamel deviled egg plate, and a zebra-check towel once we get there.

MacKenzie Childs

Zebra Hand Towel

MacKenzie Childs

Courtly Check Enamel Egg Plate

MacKenzie Childs

Courtly Check Flicker Faux Candle

Nike x PlayStation 

For those who would like to take their love/undying childhood-rooted loyalty to PlayStation, the PG 5 Nike sneaker is back with a new look; this time designers incorporated some of the classic console’s logos into a blue and black color scheme, and topped it all off with a platinum-colored insole. 

Nike x PlayStation

PlayStation™5 Flip Sneaker

See you next week, player. 

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.

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