The 8 Coolest Drops This Week, From Supergoop to AC Units

It’s a scorcher out there folks—and if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re about to enter the sweatiest, saltiest month of the year. Oh Leo season, how you torment us with your record-breaking temps and 90% humidity. But, we love you all the while, for your blissfully long summer days and starry nights full of endless outcomes.

Last week’s drops announced an array of seasonal products including Ghia’s new non-alcoholic Lime & Salt Le Spritz and Dyptique’s new line of scents inspired by summer in the Mediterranean. This week, we’re bringing you a juicy selection of peak late-summer picks, fresh from the farm stand, which includes a bounty of ripe product launches and unexpected collaborations from some of our favorite brands such as Opening Ceremony, who’s FW22 collection just dropped, and plant-based ice cream inspired by Supergoop’s viral Glowscreen SPF. Not to mention, a modern-day Chia Pet/air conditioner hybrid from super-sleek AC brand July, and a National Geographic sneaker collab that benefits the rainforest. So, grab your French market totes, and get ready to load up on some heirloom, artisanal drops. 

OffCourt’s new exfoliating body soap

We’re sort of obsessed with Offcourt’s excellent 1980s-reminiscent branding, bold packaging, and—most importantly—its fantastic scents, which you can now get in a new exfoliating body soap. It’s made with sustainable palm oil for a rich lather, plus shea butter, olive oil, and sunflower seed extract to hydrate and soothe skin. But the key ingredients are the two natural exfoliators, white pumice and salt, which remove dead skin while being gentle enough for daily use. 

$8.50 at OffCourt

Sunscoop x Supergoop’s new collaboration ice cream flavor 

The plant-based, allergen-friendly ice cream brand Sunscoop has partnered with one of our absolute favorite sunscreen brands, Supergoop, to create a limited-edition flavor inspired by the brands uber-popular shimmery SPF, Glowscreen, aptly named Sweet Sunshine. The flavor features notes of passion fruit, vanilla, ginger, and turmeric with the added boost of edible pearl powder—a nod to the sunscreen’s glowy finish. 

$62.99 at Sunscoop

July AC’s Moss Air Conditioner Cover

The highly aesthetic July AC just dropped the Chia Pet’s cool older sibling, a Moss Air Conditioner cover for their customizable, WiFi-controlled AC unit. The panel is covered with actual, living moss, turning your window unit into a low-maintenance personal garden. 

$524$474 at July

Open Ceremony FW22 Collection

Humberto Leon designed Opening Ceremony’s 2022 fall/winter collection in an homage to the time spent working at his family-owned restaurant Chifa and what they call, “the quintessential bond of a global community: food.” From playful graphics to quality basics, this collection’s got you covered from head to toe.

$170 at Opening Ceremony

$240 at Opening Ceremony

$170 at Opening Ceremony

$475 at Opening Ceremony

Irvin’s upcycled salmon skin snacks

If you’re into uber-crunchy, umami snacks that are (actually) not bad for you, then you might be obsessed with Irvin’s new black pepper salmon skin crisps (the skin of a salmon contains the highest concentration of omega-3 fatty acids). The brand originally went viral for their “salted egg” flavor, but has a ton of other spicy, savory snack foods made from potatoes, cassava, and crispy fried spring roll skins. 

$29.99 at Irvins

The Cariuma x ‘National Geographic’ collab

This collab highlights two reptiles that inhabit ecosystems that Cariuma fights to protect: the Madagascar gecko and the green turtle. Through these limited edition designs, the brands aim to raise awareness about declining biodiversity, the effects of trash pollution, and habitat destruction. With each pair of sneakers sold, two trees are planted in the Brazilian rainforest through Cariuma’s Ecological Restoration Program. Made from ethically sourced textiles and recycled plastics, these shoes are ridiculously comfy, and take no time to break in.

$89 at Cariuma

$110 at Cariuma

Deux’s new Drip spreads

You may have heard of Deux, the vegan, gluten-free, edible cookie dough in a jar, that can also be baked into “healthy” cookies—but its newly launched line of Drips is melty, spreadable, and surprisingly delicious. We tasted it for ourselves, and were skeptical at first. You would think “enhanced” speculoos cookie butter would taste like healthy goo, but this smooth, spiced spread tastes very similar to the original, and would be good drizzled on everything from fruit to yogurt, or eaten with pretzels for a salty, sweet treat. 

$15$12.50 at Deux

Kinfield’s Golden Hour Bug-Repellant Wipes

We’re already huge Kinfield fans here at Rec Room, so when we heard that the brand’s great-smelling bug spray had been made into wipe form, we had to put you on before skeeter szn ends. Powered with citronella, lemongrass, and other natural insect repellents, these things keep the buggies at bay—minus the DEET smell. The wipes are also biodegradable and gentle enough to use on your face and body.

$20 at Kinfield

Now strip off those work clothes and sprint to aperitivo hour. 

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