The 8 Coolest New Drops This Week, From Dyson to Nike

Oh August, you wonderful sweaty armpit of a month. Let us rejoice in your long, languid days; pretending like summer will never end and pumpkin spice season isn’t already rearing its big orange head. Hush now, don’t worry, you can still put off thinking about apple picking and Halloween costumes for another few weeks. Take a deep breath, and rejoin us in the peak-tomato, epic-sunset, long-beach-day mindset that we’re death-gripping until Labor Day. 

If you missed last week, we served up an extra-large pitcher full of metaphorical spicy margs, including a very gorpcore moss-covered air conditioning unit, Opening Ceremony’s tasty FW22 collection, and a wild, sunshine-inspired ice cream collaboration between Sunscoop and everyone’s favorite sunscreen brand, Supergoop. This week, we’ve got the hottest late-summer drops, including a diabolically delicious new product to impress all your guests during aperitivo hour from the combined masterminds at Fishwife, Graza, and Diaspora; plus a new line of BBQ-themed rubs from Spice House and pitmaster Rodney Scott; as well as a brand-spanking new Dyson vacuum in a luxe gold colorway—just to name a few. So, slather on that SPF, grab a cold brewski, and get ready for one of the last few weekends of summer [cries into Solo cup]. 

Campfire Cod 

We are truly stoked to try Fishwife’s newest tinned-fish delicacy, Campfire Cod. Not only does it feature hook-and-line caught MSC-certified Wild Alaskan cod, but it’s also smoked and hand-packed in a mouth-watering combination of Graza’s single-origin olive oil and Diaspora Co.’s Aranya cracked black pepper at a third-generation cannery on the coast of Washington. Snag this limited-edition snack and transport yourself to a foggy campfire in a moss-covered forest in the Pacific Northwest.  

$38.99 at Fishwife

Straightaway Cocktails’ Collab with Smith Teamaker

As far as canned cocktails go, these organic black and white tea vodka sodas are exceptional, thanks to the blends from Smith Teamaker. They’re just the slightest bit sweet, and taste like a nice sparkling tea-cocktail—rather than a can of bubbly chemicals (lookin’ at you, Truly). At 6% ABV, they give you a nice buzz, and are perfect for enjoying al fresco on the balcony or at a picnic. The white tea flavor is made with Bai Mudan tea and has notes of yuzu, pear, and clary sage; while the black tea cocktail contains malty Dianhong tea with a touch of lemon and currant. 

$32 at ReserveBar

$32 at ReserveBar

Nike Swim’s new essential collection 

If you’re anything like me, you put off buying a new bathing suit until the ones you currently own are sand-ravaged and hanging off your body by threads, because it can be so hard to find the “perfect” suit that you envision in your mind. Nike’s new essential collection is basically the modern-day equivalent to Barbie Fashion Designer. The collection consists of a bunch of mix-and-match options, in varying coverage options (plus a ton of bright summery colors), to suit every body type, style, functional purpose, or mood. 

$66 at Nike

$40 at Nike

A fancy gold Dyson

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Gather subjects, for the royal vacuum is about to make its formal debut into society. The Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute is the crème de la crème of home appliances, and yes, you DO deserve a gold Dyson vacuum, especially one that shoots lasers. Yep, this gorgeous gold device features Dyson’s futuristic laser head for detecting invisible dust, then counts and measures it to automatically increase suction and power, and then shows you (in real time) scientific data, displayed on an LCD screen, of what you just sucked up. Science.

$649.99 at Dyson

Dr. Martens x The Great Frog AW22 Collection

Two legendary brands, known for their proximity to the music scene, have teamed up for one truly rock ‘n’ roll collaboration. These shit-kicker boots will make you lord of the mosh pit, with edgy details associated with the iconic London-based jewelry brand, such as crossbone lace charms, custom debossed harnesses, and brushed silver buckles and studs.

$230 at Dr Martens

$200 at Dr Martens

It’s pumpkin spice season already

Not to freak you out or anything, but it’s already the first weekend in August, which is practically fall, which is basically Thanksgiving, and before you blink it will be 2023. (I’m fine, not freaking out about aging, or switching out my seasonal wardrobe, or snow tires.) I’m gonna stop and just allow myself to enjoy these limited-edition pumpkin spice goodies from Partake that are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and surprisingly tasty. I would hurry though, because these sold out the last two years in a row, and supplies are probably not going to last until you’re ready to deal with autumn. 

$14.99 at Partake Foods

$15.99 at Partake Foods

Sick Brightland olive oil merch 

If you’re not a merch freak, I feel bad for you son, I’ve got 99 T-shirts, and I don’t hate one. But seriously, there has never been a merch table, hotel gift shop, or pop-up that I haven’t spent money in. There’s something about proudly repping your favorite city, restaurant, or even olive oil brand directly on your torso; it’s like saying, “I’m friendly, if you’re speaking my language.” We especially love this collaboration between Brightland, and artist Tessa Forrest, a.k.a. Subliming

$64 at Brightland

Pitmaster Rodney Scott’s BBQ spices

We’re fans of Rodney Scott here at Rec Room—in fact, we included the James Beard Award-winning chef and pitmaster in our best cookbook roundup last year, and now you can cook with his four specialty spice rubs—garlic butter pepper herb, Carolina fire chili, smoky sweet chile hickory, and green chile lime citrus—at home. The Spice House even has special recipes created with Scott, so you can get grilling ASAP. 

$48 at The Spice House

Make sure to make the most of these last few sticky weeks, because the earth is spinning faster, and the days may never be this long again! 

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