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Some folks remember their first kiss, others their first nonstick pan—and while both of these experiences are sensory delights, only one gets us real hot; only that first tryst with our favorite nonstick pan takes us to that steamy, sunny-side-up place in our imagination, where Guy Fieri is the Uber driver on our way to Ina Garten’s pop-up with Olive Garden (we wish). The best nonstick cookware is for the dreamers and the smooth operators, which is why we’re sprinting, not running, to the Misen nonstick cookware sale that’s going on right now. 

Misen is one of the best, high-performance, affordable kitchen brands to emerge from the aesthetic cookware movement of the past few years. It’s right up there with esteemed cookware brands including Great Jones, Caraway, and Our Place—the keeper of the much-revered Always Pan—and has carved out a precious place in our hearts with its timeless colorways and super-sharp, high-performing chef’s knives that cost under $100. “The right tool makes any job easier,” explains the team at Misen about the brand’s design ethos. “The problem is, people have to choose between cheap, low-quality kitchen tools and overpriced ‘premium’ brands. Neither of these seemed like a good option, so we decided to make something better.” 

The brand is so affordable that its cookware is rarely on sale, but from now until February 23, Misen is offering 20% off its entire nonstick collection with the promo code NSGIFT20, which will automatically apply at checkout. Plus, you’ll receive a free spatula with every order. If that’s not love, we don’t know what is, so here’s what we’re taking home from the flash sale.

Misen’s top-rated, eight-inch, nonstick pan

As with all of Misen’s nonstick pieces, this 4.9-star rated, eight-inch pan is free of PFOA (that nasty stuff that can cause cancer) and is made with not one, but three layers of special platinum coating for a more even and long-lasting heat release. “Love the weight of this pan,” writes one reviewer. “The flare is perfect for turning over the omelets, etc.”


8 Inch Nonstick Pan + Spatula

This 12-inch pan that can fit entire stews

The high edges of Misen’s 12-inch nonstick pan are what make it so versatile and capable of coddling not only our eggs and stir fry dishes, but our other, more complex meals such as shakshuka, curries, and various winter stews. And, unlike it’s more heavy-set cousin, cast iron, Misen uses a combination of aluminum and stainless steel that’s lighter and easier to maneuver. 


12 Inch Nonstick Pan + Spatula

Misen’s three-pan bundle

We’re pretty sure it was Mother Misen herself who said, “When you’re here, you’re family—and our family is a set of nesting nonstick pans.” (Note: It wasn’t.) But, if you’re trying to cook more and Uber Eats less in 2022, consider taking home this bundle of the brand’s eight-, 10-, and 12-inch nonstick pans. You’ll sleep better at night knowing all of your high-quality, matching cookware is nestled together in perfect, nonstick harmony. 


Nonstick Pan Trio + Spatula

Now all that’s left to do is plan your menu, chef. 

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.

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