The Best Deals This Week, From Airpods to West Elm x Offhours

Howdy! [Smashes a bottle of Tito’s on our head.] Welcome back to the rootin’-est, tootin’-est, deal-based rodeo on the internet. (Please contact us if you come across another deal-rodeo, they are infringing on our copyright.) It’s Friday, the internationally recognized Day of Deals, which means we’re stepping into our chaps, picking the meanest, buckin’-est bronco in the house, and knocking over a cask of barrel-aged, bottled-in-bond deals, steals, and discounts for you to fill the IKEA bags you use as laundry hampers with. 

Last week, we raided our parents’ liquor cabinet, told Netflix, “No, I’m not still watching that,” and bravely stuck our hands in-between the virtual couch cushions of the internet to find the best steals and deals out there. This week, we filled those empty booze bottles with water (they’ll never notice), snuck out of our own apartment, and trekked through the wintertime NYC tundra to bring you even better sales and discounts. 

From old-school cool jackets from Canada to area rugs fit for Stanley Kubrick, here are the best deals, offers, and markdowns of the week. 

The best Amazon deals this week

Have you always been curious about whether or not a Theragun-style massager is worth it? According to VICE contributor Adam Rothbarth, a thousand times yes. But we also know the name brand Theragun costs a lot of clams, and this doppelganger has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon and is 30% off the original price. “I’ve tried a Theragun at a fitness convention a year or so ago,” writes one reviewer, “[and] I don’t notice a huge difference between that and the Repho. I use this massage gun on myself a few times a week, particularly when I do long runs or my back hurts. At this price, it is an excellent investment.”


Percussion Massage Gun

For the love of Neil Young, please stop using those crusty black earphones with the mismatched dongle. You deserve some fresh AirPods Pro with a 4.8-star rating, killer sound, and the ability to seamlessly switch between active noise-cancellation mode and a “transparency” mode that makes it a tad easier to hear what’s going on around you—it’s almost as if they’ve made our ears… smarter? They’re a forever edit fave, and when they’re on sale, we’re here for it. 

Isn’t this rug from The Shining?

Maybe it’s 13% off because it’s haunted? Either way, you save $44 on this gorgeously retro, ample-sized area rug made with thick, lush shag that’s fit for even Stanley Kubrick’s discerning eyes. “Everyone wanted to know where I got this rug,” one reviewer writes. “It’s beautiful, soft and inviting.” 


Mateos Shag Red Area Rug

Taylor Stitch’s winter sale

The small town of Ojai, California is the perfect blend of relaxed coastal stoner, dusty cowboy, and hot adult education ceramics teacher, so it’s no wonder that we love this eponymous, 41% off jacket from the Taylor Stitch weather clearout sale. It’s made out of a herringbone wool, and meant to unite the functionality of 19th-century workwear French jackets with Golden State nostalgia.  

Taylor Stitch

The Ojai Jacket in Espresso Herringbone Wool

Retro chilliwack jackets

Everyone’s dad had a jacket like this in the 90s, from the granola color-blocking to the jazzy, primary-colored zipper detailing—only this one is gorpcore-chic for 2022, and also $45 off


Chilliwack Jacket

For those seeking something a bit more Paul Newman, Manatash also has a versatile tan jacket on-sale that’s $67 off


Chilliwack Jacket

West Elm x Offhours bedding is finally on sale

One of Rec Room’s editors swears by the Offhours x West Elm Homecoat, because it will make you feel like you’ve gotten away with wearing a duvet cover to the Zoom call, but still have you looking stylish and put-together. The colorful, comfy collaboration continues with this jersey quilt, which is 50% off and comes in three different colorways.   

West Elm

OFFHOURS Jersey Quilt

Here’s to looking good, and feeling cozy. See you next week!

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.

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