The Best of Wayfair’s Mega Way Day Sale 2022

GAH! How we love the taste of Way Day during our morning… [checks the time] during our mid-afternoon! Especially on this most breezy of spring days. Now, we observe the annual Wayfair sale every year [licks blow horn] relishing the savings of up to 80 percent off, for two days, and, oh yes, comes with freeeee shipping. We’re beyond excited to re-zhuzh our living space pods with deals, deals, and more deals. Give us lighting! Furniture! Dancing frog sculptures! If you can dream it, the Way Day deities can deliver, and the Rec Room editors will unwrap it and smash it to see if it’s real.  

As the resident Rec Room stuff-chasers, we spend a lot of time hot potato-ing between different deals online for the stuff we love, that gives us the “thingles.” And as writer Anais Nin once said, SPECIFICALLY about Way Day, “Luxury is not a necessity to me, but beautiful and good things are.” Thus, to honor our best and erudite selves, we’ve gone through our favorite picks from the Wayfair bounty on rugs, lamps, and some stupid good stuff we can’t really believe exists (but absolutely need). 

We can’t promise we’ll share the same taste. But if you like sunken living rooms from the 1970s, chest hair, the vibe of converted urban lofts with huge windows, heavy metal, and Michael Shannon; eight-dollar French butter, medium-rare steak, cats that feel like slinkies, Gremlins, and Guy Fieri? Then these Way Day editors’ picks are for you. Read on for the best Way Day deals we could find on Wayfair.

The retro rug of our stoner dreams 

We’ve had our eye on this thing forever, and at 63% off, there’s no better time to take the plunge and turn your living room into the set from Boogie Nights

$859$319.99 at Wayfair

This chic MCM sofa that’s 61% off

Flash deal alert! You’re not going to find a better-looking couch than this—especially one that folds into a bed—for less than $250. It comes in a rainbow of cool retro colors, and is great for small spaces. Grab it now before the deal is gone tomorrow!

$635$248.39 at Wayfair

An armchair that will make your apartment feel like a fancy Airbnb

It’s a little boho bachelor-pad, a little coastal grandma (in all the right ways), to complement your decor without screaming “look at me!”. It’s rustic and sexy, but also worldly and sensitive, like Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall. Plus, the A+ reviews say it’s comfy, too—and it’s more than $100 off. 

$699$589.99 at Wayfair

The perfect planter for your statement snake plant

The Don Draper of plant pots. Comes in a bunch of neutral, millennial-friendly colors from black to burnt red to Charleston green—and for as low as $27. 

$36.99$27.24 at Wayfair

A dresser that looks like it could be from West Elm…

…But with a Way Day, price, baby. No need to hit an overpriced antiques store or vibey flea market to grab this bad boy—grab it for less than the cost of one irresponsible weekend of drinking during this flash sale, and get ready to feel like a Functioning Adult™. Angled legs? Solid pine cutout handles? You’ve got it.

$689$217.35 at Wayfair

The giant conversation pit couch you’ve always craved

We survived COVID-19 (knock on wood), and now we want a huge couch on which we can drape eight of our closest friends, no problem. This sofa is a sick price for a statement size with a lot of space to stretch out, and literally lie all the way down. Use it for watching movies, sleeping, or… whatever else comes to mind.

$3169.99$2459.99 at Wayfair

$3169.99$2459.99 at Wayfair

A bar cart for all your half-empty bottles of Fernet

Do not even think about getting back on Hinge without a proper bar cart in your apartment. “BuT I dOn’T dRiNk,” you might say. We say: that’s totally fine—fill it up with a bunch of the tasty, fancy non-alcoholic spirits out there. 

$193.99$118.99 at Wayfair

$193.99$118.99 at Wayfair

Save $120 on this velvet dreamboat 

We love, love, love that emerald color and those legs. 

$639.99$509.99 at Wayfair

$639.99$509.99 at Wayfair

The houseguests are coming…

And they’re gonna need a place to crash. Your living room or office corner is gonna be their chateau for a long weekend. Give ’em a futon that looks like a badical, ska-inspired sofa the rest of the time. 

$349$214.82 at Wayfair

A can’t-go-wrong bedding set

Are you still using that same set of threadbare IKEA sheets that you’ve had since 2013? Friend, now’s the time to grab a stonewashed, 100%-percent cotton duvet cover set in a soothing pinstripe, just waiting to get rumpled in our loft and silently evoke that yeah, you have sex.

$146.41$95.38 at Wayfair

A full-length mirror for a head-to-toe ‘fit check every time

We don’t know how people survive without full-length mirrors. But then again, that’s probably why a lot of people make us wanna say, “What are thoooooose?” If you don’t have one, grab this classy gold guy. 

$164.99$139.99 at Wayfair

$164.99$139.99 at Wayfair

A ceramic cookware set free of toxic gunk

There’s so much to love about this set. It’s PFOA- and PTFE-free; is safe for metal utensils, ovens, and dishwashers; and, of course, is non-stick AF. It doesn’t look half bad, either. 

$79.99$66.57 at Wayfair

Who needs a shiny red convertible when you can have a shiny red Dutch oven? 

Wayfair is doing a buy 3, get 20% deal on Le Creuset, but frankly, we’re feeling this gorgeous, cherry-red number from Lodge—and it’s at an awesome price.  

$119$79.90 at Wayfair

Bidet time, baby

Start spreadin’ the news. We’re spreadin’ our cheeks. We want to be a part of it, the bidet club. And Toto are the absolute legends when it comes to fancy ways to clean your ass. This toilet cheap might seem like a splurge, but think about how often you use the bathroom. It’s got a heated seat, a front spray, a rear spray, three temperature settings, and five pressure settings. Plus, it’s way cheaper than a visit to Japan. Count us in. 

$514$242.02 at Wayfair

The best cat trees we’ve ever seen

You’re telling me you “love” your cat, and you’re not going to buy them one of these absolutely glorious creations? Come on. They’re on sale! Add to cart, stat.

$289.99$249.99 at Wayfair

$289.99$249.99 at Wayfair

$164.94$138.17 at Wayfair

$164.94$138.17 at Wayfair

Ah yes, the other pet: a robo vacuum cleaner

Same person as above here. I’m fully ready for my house to be taken over by robots. Especially with the burnout/brain drain of having been stuck inside for a year, a robo vacuum is 100% the way to go. 

$599$229 at Wayfair


We love knives. Huge fans of very sharp knives. And if you want a set of ridiculously sharp Japanese knives, here it is—and it’s $63 off right now. Prepare to turn your kitchen into an Iron Chef stage.

$199.99$133.99 at Wayfair

$199.99$133.99 at Wayfair

A home soft-serve machine

The best part about being an adult is being able to buy yourself all the weird crap you’ve wanted since you were like, seven years old. Say hello to a new phase of your life when you can have on-demand homemade soft-serve.

$240$129.99 at Wayfair

You know what we love the most about Way Day? There’s truly something for everyone.

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story. Want more reviews, recommendations, and red-hot deals? Sign up for our newsletter. 

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