The RaidForums, Illegal ‘Club Penguin’ Servers, and the Blockchain in the DPRK

Every week we publish multiple incredible stories on Motherboard. This week there were so many that we couldn’t decide which one we wanted to focus on. So. We’re gonna do something a little different for this episode.

That’s right, we’re going full Cipher. If you’re familiar with the show, Cipher is that infrequent segment we do where we decipher the week’s biggest tech stories. On this episode of Cyber we answer the questions: Is it illegal to run a private Club Penguin server? How is T-Mobile dealing with hackers? And why can’t I get on to the Raid Forums and what happens if you make an illegal trip to North Korea to spread the gospel of the Blockchain.

Here to help sort through these headlines is the man who wrote many of them: Motherboard Staff Writer Joseph Cox.

Stories discussed in this episode:

Cops Arrest 3 People for Running ‘Club Penguin Rewritten’ Beloved by Millions

Law Enforcement Seizes RaidForums, One of the Most Important Hacking Sites

T-Mobile Secretly Bought Its Customer Data from Hackers to Stop Leak. It Failed.

US Extradites Man Who Allegedly Sold Backdoored Phones for the FBI

Ethereum Programmer Jailed for North Korea Trip Wanted to Clone Dogs, Become ‘Crypto Hero’

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