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Since we’ve entered another midterm election year, you can expect the usual flood of books by politicians and those who are politically adjacent to begin showing up in droves. One that may prove to be interesting (or embarrassing, depending on your surname) was announced on Wednesday and it was written by Hunter Biden’s ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle. The title of the memoir should provide you with a good idea of where this story is heading since it’s named “If We Break: A Memoir of Marriage, Addiction, and Healing.” In case you didn’t already guess, Ms. Buhle isn’t the one with the addiction problem. The real question is precisely how far she will be going in terms of disclosing Hunter Biden’s bad behavior and if she will extend her recollections beyond the drugs and hookers and into any of his business dealings, particularly of the Chinese and Ukrainian varieties. (NY Post)

Hunter Biden’s ex-wife plans to break her silence about how his cheating and substance abuse destroyed their marriage in a new memoir that’s set for release during the lead-up to November’s critical mid-term elections.

Kathleen Buhle’s “If We Break: A Memoir of Marriage, Addiction, and Healing” is described by its publisher as a “page-turning and heartbreaking” account of “why she kept so much hidden — from her daughters and herself — for so many years.”

“When my marriage ended, I felt like I’d lost my sense of who I was,” Buhle told People magazine, which on Wednesday was first to report on the book.

Buhle describes the process of writing the book as “incredibly healing,” and talks about the struggle to find balance and self-worth in a relationship where her entire identity was tied to her spouse. And when the spouse in question is a crack addict who chases prostitutes and cheats on you with his brother’s widow, that can’t be a very comfortable identity to deal with.

Of course, for this book to have any lasting impact on the American political world, it would have to go further than “addiction and healing.” I’m pretty sure that anyone who has even a scintilla of interest in US politics is already familiar with Hunter Biden’s history with drugs and prostitutes and infidelity. And you don’t need a crystal ball to predict that the ride couldn’t have been very fun for his wife of 24 years.

But will she offer any new deals about her ex-husband’s relationship with “the big guy” and how he was making enough money to afford his hard-partying lifestyle? I will be genuinely shocked if she does and that’s for a couple of reasons. First of all, if Buhle has an ax to grind, it’s likely just with her former husband, not with her inlaws. (Okay, there may be a bit of animosity toward Beau’s widow for sleeping with Hunter, but that’s about it.)

Further, how much would she really even know about Hunter’s business dealings? Aside from high-level details such as his destination on business trips, would Hunter have shared many of the specifics of his various arrangements in foreign countries and if or how deeply Joe Biden was involved? At first glance, I wouldn’t think so. But then again, he has been known to complain to family members in the past about how his father was soaking up so much of his income. If he went home and aired the same complaints with his wife she might have a few juicy tidbits to share.

The book is scheduled to be released in the second week of June, less than five months before the midterm elections. We’ll be seeing reviews from people who receive preview copies well before then, so if there’s anything seriously damaging in there, we should know before too long. Instead of an exit question, I’ll simply close by expressing my condolences to Kathleen Buhle for the hell she had to go through with Hunter Biden and my hope that she and her children have found a way to move on and find happiness.

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