Weekly Horoscope: January 10 – 16

Capricorn has a reputation for being practical, but the sign’s mystical meanings shine through as the sun connects with dreamy Neptune on Monday, January 10, at 10:27 PM. This is a great aspect for bringing your vision to life, especially with the help of a partner or third party.

Look out for philosophical battles and existential warfare as Mars clashes with Neptune, the planet of beliefs, at 4:43 PM on Tuesday, January 11. Mars is in Sagittarius, where it fights for what it believes. It’s possible that our beliefs are changing or new ideas are being born—it’s all part of the learning process!

Mercury retrograde begins on Friday, January 14, at 6:41 AM: Mercury retrogrades about three or four times a year, so it’s not something to fear. When the planet of communication appears to turn backward in the sky, it can mark a time of frustrating delays, or simply reflection. When trains aren’t running on time, we have the opportunity to take a small break.

Secrets are revealed as the sun meets power planet Pluto on Sunday, January 16, at 9:50 AM. Pluto represents a seedy underbelly, and the sun brings truth to everything it touches; this can be a moment for confession or even psychological breakthroughs.

All times ET.

Aries (January 10 – 16)

Capricorn season finds you at the top of your game as the sun illuminates your chart’s fame and public reputation sector. You get a glimpse at the way power operates as the sun meets with Pluto, and you get a feel for underlying trends and hidden beliefs as the sun connects with dreamy Neptune. You might even feel like breaking down these beliefs and attacking anything that seems toxic or misleading as your planetary ruler Mars clashes with Neptune. This Mercury retrograde can help you reassess your goals and future plans as it creates space for you to get organized. It’s a good time to reflect on all the things that you have accomplished so far, and readjust your priorities.

Taurus (January 10 – 16)

Capricorn season helps you get a better lay of the land, both mentally and physically. This is a time to consider how far your reach is, and what beliefs will carry you there. You are eager to share your ideas—but make sure you proofread everything before you put it out there as Mercury, the planet of communication, begins its retrograde in a public sector of your chart. If you are moving too quickly or not paying attention, this could lead to some typos or miscommunication. Over the coming weeks, be sure to take your time with everything—there’s no rush to make purchases, send the application, or book that flight. Any pressure you feel might be a false sense of urgency. Always measure twice.

Gemini (January 10 – 16)

You’re getting to know what other people have to offer during Capricorn season. Relationships can be so fruitful! You can make a strong case for yourself to ask for the things you need from others as the sun gently connects with dreamy Neptune. Look out for arguments about abstract concepts as Mars clashes with Neptune. This can lead to the generation of new, brilliant ideas! Inspiration comes from the past, or things that you have already considered, as your planetary ruler Mercury begins its retrograde. You may be ready to revisit old things that you have published, past travel destinations, or even past projects that you did in school. This is a time to organize your thoughts about what you believe.

Cancer (January 10 – 16)

Capricorn season brings your gaze to relationships—all partnerships get energized! The sun connects with dreamy Neptune, creating a glam and healing vibe in your relationships. It’s time to have a conversation about what you and your partner believe in—especially if it’s each other. Get a better understanding of your ideal partnership dynamics as the planet of communication, Mercury, begins its retrograde in a very intimate sector of your chart. You may be rethinking insecurities, your own or a partner’s. On a mundane note, this is a great time to review your spending for the year and get tax documents organized. You see someone’s soft spot as the sun meets Pluto, giving you insights into what makes others tick.

Leo (January 10 – 16)

Capricorn season asks you to get in the flow, Leo. You can find inspiration and a transcendental flow state as the sun connects with dreamy Neptune. Find the task that makes you lose track of time, and get lost in it! It can be productive in whatever way you like. Old conversations in relationships come up again as communication planet Mercury begins its retrograde in your partnership sector. This is a time to double check on the most important people in your life and make sure that you are understanding them correctly. A deep discovery is made as the sun meets power planet Pluto, showing you something hidden about your habits and lifestyle.

Virgo (January 10 – 16)

Fully enjoy the last vestiges of Capricorn season, as the sun moves through your chart’s sector of pleasure and creativity! A streak of inspiration comes as the sun gently connects with dreamy, otherworldly Neptune. Generate beautiful stories about your relationships and friendships. You can even challenge the toxic or harmful myths in relationships as action planet Mars clashes with Neptune, giving you the ammunition needed to address misunderstandings and false projections. You’re reassessing your daily priorities as Mercury begins its retrograde in your chart’s house of routine and lifestyle. Old work projects or past habits that you wanted to implement come back into the picture. Missed connections or things that you wanted to pursue are given a second life!

Libra (January 10 – 16)

Furniture, family time, and memories are all giving you much more energy during Capricorn season. The place where you find rest requires your attention. As the sun gently connects with dreamy Neptune, imagine a place where you can go to recharge in your daily life. This is a great opportunity to visualize your ideal workspace or even your ideal power place. The sun meets power planet Pluto, showing you what has been buried or hidden. This Mercury retrograde reconnects you with past creative projects, or the fun things that you started but forgot about. This can also be a time to reflect on what makes you happy. Socializing takes on a different dynamic and you just might rub elbows with a unique, unexpected crew.

Scorpio (January 10 – 16)

Getting a better understanding of how your mind works is a major theme of Capricorn season. Learning, researching, and reading are all present themes as well. As your planetary ruler, action planet Mars, clashes with Neptune, the planet of illusions, you are eager to change your beliefs about pleasure, creativity, and maybe even relationships. You’re addressing areas of vulnerability with intention, Scorpio. Projects around the house get a new frame of reference as Mercury retrograde begins, helping you understand your home and family life from a more introspective mind. This can also bring back old, fond memories of childhood friends and past dreams.

Sagittarius (January 10 – 16)

Capricorn season helps you figure out what you need in order to survive. Even if you have a taste for the finer things in life, you know in your heart that you could take over the world on Slim Jims and tap water, if you had to. The sun connects with dreamy Neptune, bringing inspiration from your childhood, home, and family. There are objects that take on a life of their own. Currently action planet Mars is in your sign, amping up your motivation levels. As Mars clashes with Neptune, you might be ready to cut through the grease and make quick moves despite any confusion. This Mercury retrograde is a great time to revisit old letters and conversations to re-contextualize them. This is also a good opportunity to study and edit your writing.

Capricorn (January 10 – 16)

The awareness that you have over your own thoughts is your key to success, Capricorn. The sun connects with dreamy Neptune, which sets the stage for you to have faith in the world that you create for yourself. Use this time to visualize, maybe even by creating a vision board. Mercury retrograde is an ideal time to reflect on your relationship to the material world and your ideas about money. On a mundane level, there can be some extra patience required when it comes to shopping, invoices, and bills. The sun meet with power planet Pluto and you’re doing whatever it takes to have the upper hand. See if it feels better to let go and allow things to happen, rather than stressing about being in control.

Aquarius (January 10 – 16)

Capricorn season marks a quiet time for you to cool down and wrap up on things that have been put off for too long. It can be a time of isolation, meditation, and even mental healthcare, as you get to know yourself from a different perspective. The planet of communication, Mercury, is in your sign dear Aquarius, bringing you great ideas and a natural ability to express what’s on your mind. Mercury begins its retrograde in your sign, which will have you possibly reconsidering things that you felt were permanent or immovable. This is a time for reflection and perhaps isolation, in order to better understand yourself and the direction you want to head.

Pisces (January 10 – 16)

Capricorn season connects you with your dreams and vision for the future. You’re able to tap into a vision of something beyond your current limitations as the sun gently connects with Neptune. This is a time to dream without limits in order to discover things that lie beyond what you think are possible. There can be some changes to what you believe in, or even philosophical challenges that create an exciting or invigorating atmosphere as action planet Mars clashes with Neptune. This Mercury retrograde is going to help you come to terms with ideas that you have taken for granted, and provide ample space for healing your private, sacred mental space. It’s a great time to undo thoughts that you didn’t realize were so ingrained in your mind.

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