Weekly Horoscope: January 3 – 9

Relationships are a source of wonder as sweet Venus connects with Neptune, the planet of illusions, on Wednesday, January 5, at 11:03 AM. This can be glamorously romantic, or overly romanticized—it all depends on how you use the tools! It may be a time when we mythologize not just our relationships, but ourselves. Be sure that the stories you tell yourself are kindhearted, and grounded to something substantial.

Venus is retrograde, so everyone is grappling with issues around self-worth, self-image, and insecurities, both alone and together. Neptune is a planet that dissolves everything it touches. If Neptune is in contact with retrograde Venus, maybe we will intuitively know how to forgive ourselves and others for things that are emotionally heavy.

Despite all of the smoke and mirrors, there is a morsel of truth to be found as retrograde Venus meets with the sun on Saturday, December 8, at 7:47 PM. The sun brings a righteous awareness to Neptune’s spell. It’s time to be honest about what we actually want. There can be some realizations about social scripts that you have been reenacting: You think it’s what’s expected of you, when really it’s been something toxic or delusional this whole time. Consider what does and does not bring harmony to your external relationships as well as your relationship to yourself.

All times ET.

Aries (January 3 – 9)

The Venus retrograde period helps you see yourself from a totally different angle. This is especially true when it comes to the way that you understand your reputation. Venus retrograde brings a quirky dynamic to your social media presence, or however you are known by the greater public. As Venus connects with trendy Neptune, you can tap into something universal and galactic, channeling inspiration from something divine. Venus meets with the sun, bringing clarity to what you want to be known for, or how you want to be seen. This can reveal how you are viewed by the public, and also by potential bosses and other authority figures.

Taurus (January 3 – 9)

Your planetary ruler Venus is still retrograde for another two weeks, which helps you to sit down and evaluate how you have or have not been aligned with your core values and beliefs. It’s an enlightening time that offers space to get back on track with your worldview. Retrograde Venus connects with Neptune, which could remind you of some embarrassing conversations, or inspire you to forgive yourself or your friends for being silly! Venus meets with the sun, illuminating how you want to share your vision of beauty with the world.

Gemini (January 3 – 9)

This Venus retrograde period brings your awareness to imbalances in relationships. Anything that is unrequited, whether emotional or material, is being questioned or reconsidered. As Venus connects with Neptune, all guilt or disappointment can be forgiven. Venus meets the sun, which is a great time to confess or admit that certain emotional things are uncomfortable or uncertain. This is as good a time as ever to practice gratitude for the all of the glamorous and luxurious things that you have the privilege of sharing with others!

Cancer (January 3 – 9)

This Venus retrograde is helping you understand your relationships with more depth and grounding, as the planet of harmony and values retrogrades through your chart’s partnership sector. As Venus connects with dreamy Neptune, you can find other people’s idiosyncrasies to be inspiring or even charming. This is a time to forgive any disappointments in your friendships or romantic partnerships, or to express your own desires, however unorthodox or embarrassing they may be. Venus meets with the sun, bringing clarity to what you and your partners are thinking and feeling, together.

Leo (January 3 – 9)

Your lifestyle has been interrupted as Venus retrograde continues through your chart’s house of work and routine. Venus connects with psychic Neptune, inspiring you to enjoy every minute of your day, even if you are stuck with a boring or burdensome responsibility. Venus meets your planetary ruler, the sun, bringing clarity around what you feel like you need to do in order to truly enjoy your life. This begins a new cycle when it comes to how you feel about the things that you do every day, and refreshes your perspective on what you really want to accomplish on a day-to-day basis.

Virgo (January 3 – 9)

You are in the mood for things that you aren’t usually up for as Venus, the planet of harmony, retrogrades through your chart’s house of pleasure. This can manifest as meeting up with offbeat friends, trying your hand at a craft for the first time, or hooking up with someone you never thought you would. Venus connects with Neptune, the planet of fantasy, which can make these idiosyncratic vibes seem extra enticing and cool. Venus also meets the sun, helping you understand the things that give you pleasure from a place of authenticity and self awareness. You can forgive yourself for your guilty pleasures now.

Libra (January 3 – 9)

Things at home are a little chaotic as your planetary ruler, Venus, takes a back seat and retrogrades through your chart’s domestic sector. This period is marked by your home life being offbeat, which can provide space for new realizations about the things that you truly appreciate. Venus connects with dreamy Neptune, bringing awareness about how your desires are influenced by the trends of our time. Venus also meets with the sun, which can bring a needed wakeup call about the ways your values and sense of self worth are informed by your childhood.

Scorpio (January 3 – 9)

This Venus retrograde is all about sprucing up your mind palace, as the planet of aesthetics and vibes retrogrades through an intellectual sector of your chart. You’re reconsidering what brings you peace of mind. Venus gently connects with Neptune, the planet of illusions, which can remind you of embarrassing things that you have said or felt at some point. You can also use this time to forgive your friends and lovers for disappointments that you’ve been pondering. Venus meets with the sun, helping to clarify your emotions and true desires.

Sagittarius (January 3 – 9)

You’re reconsidering the true value of your dollar this Venus retrograde as the planet of money and values takes some time off in your chart’s financial sector. Even if it may seem like an unsavory circumstance, this Venus retrograde frees up space for reflection and introspection about money and sustenance. Venus connects with Neptune, which might fool you into making a purchase that you normally wouldn’t go for. As the sun meets with retrograde Venus, you’ll be able to clarify the reasons why you are spending money, and what you actually want.

Capricorn (January 3 – 9)

You’re getting a new understanding of how you relate to and view yourself. With Venus retrograde it is very easy to see how beauty standards sit within yourself, emotionally, rather than just in the mirror. Venus retrograde offers you new perspectives on your self-worth and self-image. Venus connects with Neptune, which can distort your view of yourself, especially if you start inventing stories based on what you see on Instagram (which we all know is not real life), or it could offer an escape from the fun house mirror. Venus meets the sun, purifying your values and desires in something that is grounded in your own truth and spirit.

Aquarius (January 3 – 9)

This Venus retrograde period brings up a lot of emotions and memories that you thought were locked away. Don’t worry, Aquarius: There’s still two weeks to go! With the love planet retrograding through an incredibly covert sector of your chart, you’re able to access a perspective on your psyche and desires that can inspire you to surrender to something greater than yourself. A higher cosmic power is felt as Venus connects with Neptune, the planet of spirituality, encouraging you to let go of disappointment or guilt. A secret, or hidden desire, is understood as Venus meets the sun.

Pisces (January 3 – 9)

Your relationships with your community and your political values are being realigned during Venus retrograde, which continues for another two weeks. Venus gently connects with dreamy Neptune, bringing you a better understanding of how sustainable your vision for the future is. This can also be a time when you recognize how friends have messed up, and offer some benefit of the doubt or forgiveness. As Venus meets the sun, you get an honest understanding about what makes you feel good in your friendships and community. You might have a new, grounded sense of purpose when it comes to your objectives and future plans.

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